Which is Better Between Steel or Aluminum Gazebo?

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Steel and aluminium are the most common type of metal used on earth. Gazebo makers also make use of these two metals when constructing a gazebo. Metal gazebos are long-lasting; you can use them for several years without spending much on maintenance. But which is better between a steel or aluminium gazebo.

What is a Gazebo?

A gazebo is an accessory you can add to your backyard to enhance your home. The gazebo is an outdoor structure also known by many as a pavilion, pagoda, kiosk and rotunda. Building a gazebo can be fun and exciting; it is a project you won’t regret doing. Pavilions are easy to construct depending on the size; a pavilion has a metal roof supported with four or more posts. Builders can make a gazebo with metals; aluminium and steel are the common types of metal use. 

Steel Gazebo VS Aluminum Gazebo

Steel is the most popular alloy used by builders; there is stainless and non-stainless steel. While aluminium is the earth’s most abundant metal, gazebo makers use any of these two metals in making a gazebo. Both metals have outstanding properties that make them suitable for construction purposes. You can choose any of these two metals if you plan to install a gazebo on your property. 

Aluminium and steel gazebo are both long-lasting metals; you can use them in making hardtop gazebos. Gazebos made with aluminium or steel can withstand temperature changes. A gazebo made from aluminium and steel are similar in appearance, but they also differ in properties. 

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Steel or Aluminum Gazebo 

Which is better between steel or aluminum gazebo

The aluminium and steel gazebo have different properties that make it right or wrong, depending on your needs. For you to make the right decision before choosing a steel or aluminium gazebo, here are some factors to consider.


Aluminium is an excellent choice of metal for making gazebos because of its ability to resist corrosion. When exposed to air and moist, a metal gazebo made with aluminium can not rust. The reason is that the aluminium oxide forms a protective layer on its own, which prevents it from rusting. The aluminium gazebo doesn’t require painting or coating to keep it from rust. 

A stainless steel gazebo is also resistant to corrosion, but a gazebo made with non-stainless steel needs to be painted or coated after spinning to prevent it from rust and corrosion. If you are staying in a damp environment, a stainless steel gazebo and an aluminium gazebo are the best choices.


Despite being susceptible to corrosion, a non-stainless steel gazebo is tough and resilient, making it stronger than an aluminium gazebo. Steel gazebos are less likely to warp, dent or deform when compared to an aluminium gazebo.

Although the aluminium gazebo is not as strong as a steel gazebo, it can increase in strength during cold seasons. If you are looking for a strong metal gazebo to install, a steel gazebo is an excellent option you can choose.


The Aluminum gazebo is light in weight compared to a steel gazebo. Steel gazebos are heavy and may require a crane to lift it. A pop-up gazebo and the instant canopy are examples of a gazebo made with aluminium. The lightweight of aluminium makes it a suitable metal for making a portable gazebo. 

Gazebo owners can easily transport an aluminium gazebo from one point to the other. You can also assemble the parts easily and disassemble them after use. Gazebo owners use aluminium gazebos for outdoor events, as shade in trade fairs, markets, exhibitions and more.


In terms of malleability, aluminium is more flexible and elastic than steel. Although the steel gazebo is very durable and resilient, gazebo makers use aluminium often in making gazebos.

Builders can easily bend or shape aluminium when making a gazebo in different styles without breaking. While steel, on the other hand, is more rigid and will crack if pushed too far while spinning.


Homeowners can compare a steel gazebo’s cost to an aluminium gazebo; the cost price will help you know the kind of metal gazebo you can afford. The cost of raw materials used in making steel and aluminium can also affect the price.

So, when it comes to steel and aluminium gazebo cost. A stainless steel gazebo is more expensive than an aluminium gazebo. Also, an aluminium gazebo will be pricey than a non-stainless steel gazebo.


Both steel gazebo and aluminium gazebo are long-lasting, and you can use them throughout the year. However, you should consider the strength, weight and cost before choosing the type of metal gazebo to install.

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