Which is Better Between a Pergola or Gazebo?

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The pergola and the gazebo are outdoor accessories that you can add to your property. Some homeowners contemplating installing an outdoor structure in their yard have asked which is better between a pergola or gazebo.

What is a Pergola?

 The pergola is a freestanding or wall-mounted outdoor structure; you can install the pergola in your house or garden. Pergola makers create a pergola as a structure with fully open sides. It has a slatted or lattice roof supported by vertical pillars. The gaps between the roof allow sunlight and air into the pergola, thus shading you partially from the sun. 

Pergola makers modelled the roof to allow you to enjoy a cool breeze while it shades you from sunlight. If you want more coverage from the pergola, you can install a roof on the top without changing the structure. A louvred roof, fabric cover and retractable roof can provide full coverage from the sunlight. For added coverage against rain, snow and wind, a PVC or retractable roof can protect you against the elements. Pergolas are long-lasting; they can last for years if you construct them with quality materials.

You can attach the pergola to your house, or you can make it freestanding. A freestanding pergola can cover a yard or your garden, While a pergola attached to the house can be an extension of your living space. If you want a pergola installed in your home, you can buy the pergola as a kit. You can also employ a pergola builder to help you build it from scratch. Builders can create a pergola with materials like metals, wood or vinyl. The pergola comes in different styles and designs, and you can choose or customise the pergola to suit your needs. A pergola is the perfect outdoor structure homeowners can have in their home.

What is a Gazebo?

A gazebo is an outdoor structure that is freestanding or attached to other structures. The gazebo sides can be left open or partially close; you can easily identify a gazebo when you see one.  Builders build the gazebo in different shapes; it can be hexagonal with six sides. It can also be octagonal, circular, square or rectangular. If you have a house, you can build the gazebo in your backyard or your garden.

 The belvedere has several uses, and gazebo makers can use various materials in making it. Builders use cedar wood, redwood pressure-treated yellow pine, aluminium, steel, and vinyl to make a gazebo. 

A gazebo can be a temporary or permanent structure; it depends on the material and its design. You can identify a permanent gazebo with its hardtop; the rooftop is sometimes made with the same material as the gazebo structure. The permanent gazebo is long-lasting and can withstand any weather conditions. 

At the same time, a temporary gazebo is lightweight and has a soft top.  It is portable, and you can transport it easily from one place to another. Temporary gazebos are for occasional use; hence they are not suitable for use throughout the year. A gazebo has several benefits; homeowners who install a gazebo in their homes can never regret doing it. 

Benefits of the Pergola and Gazebo 

Which is better between a pergola or gazebo

 If you are contemplating on expanding your living room, consider adding a pergola or gazebo to your property. You can expand your outdoor living space by installing the pergola or gazebo in your backyard or garden to create a cosy sitting area. You can also place a table and chairs in your outdoor structure and use them as a dining area for your family or friends. With the pergola or gazebo in your home, you can create a custom look and feel your desire to enhance your outdoor experience.

Installing a gazebo or pergola in your home can increase the value of your property. The more stylish your home is, the more valuable it will become. An outdoor structure like the gazebo or pergola has a unique appeal to viewers; it offers an amazing and tremendous architectural interest. Building a belvedere or pergola is a way you can add style to your home and make it more appealing. If you create an additional living space in your home with a gazebo or pergola, Potential buyers will pay more for the house than any other house.


The pergola and the gazebo are better for your home or garden. Although their designs differ, both the pergola and gazebo can add value to your home. They can serve as an outdoor space while shading you from the elements. 

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