Where Can I Put a Gazebo in My Backyard?

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You can put a gazebo in your backyard; placing a gazebo in your backyard allows you to make better use of your space and enjoy your property to the fullest. Building a pergola or pavilion in your backyard can be exciting and rewarding. A gazebo can add value to your home, making it look more beautiful.

Homeowners who want to put a gazebo in their yard need to think of the best spot to place the gazebo. Before we discuss where you can put a gazebo in your backyard make sure you know the kind of gazebo you want.

Type of Gazebo 

Where can I put a gazebo in my backyard

Permanent Gazebo

The permanent gazebo type is for everyday use; you can use it daily for years. You can easily identify the Permanent gazebo with its hard roof; they are strong and long-lasting. Gazebo makers build the permanent gazebo with material like wood, steel, aluminium and vinyl. When it is properly maintained, it can last for several years without getting damaged. You can use a permanent gazebo for decades since the materials can withstand any climate conditions. 

Temporary Gazebo

The Temporary gazebos of gazebos are for seasonal or occasional use only. Gazebo experts create temporary gazebo with light materials like galvanised aluminium metal and a nylon or PVC roof cover. Temporary gazebos have a light framework; hence they are portable and easy to carry. You can recognise a temporary gazebo easily with its soft roof, unlike the permanent belvedere. 

Easy up canopy, pop-up gazebo, promotional marquees and instant canopy are an example of the temporary gazebo. This gazebo type’s lightweight makes it easy for it to be prone to damage by the wind. If not anchored, the wind will lift the gazebo from the ground; hence temporary gazebos are not suitable for use in areas with high wind.

Things to Considering Before Building the Gazebo

Take Measurements

If you plan to place a gazebo in your backyard, you should know your size choice for the pavilion you are considering. Measure the length and breadth of the area you intend using; consider how the measurement may affect other structures in your backyard. You will want to place a gazebo that will fit into your available space.

 Time of the Day

The time of the day, you are most likely to use a gazebo should determine where you place the gazebo. The area you place a gazebo can determine the amount of shade you can enjoy; you won’t want to put a pavilion where it can’t sunshade you from the sun. 

If you plan using your gazebo only in the afternoon, you can place it in the middle of your backyard. Placing it in the centre of your yard will give you coverage from the sun. Homeowners who intend using their gazebo always should place it in an area that can give you shade coverage anytime time of the day.


Before building a gazebo in your backyard, the location to place your gazebo is very crucial. Avoid the low-level land area; you can build belvedere on a flat surface. A flat surface will ensure an equal distribution of weight, making the pavilion more balanced and supported. 

The type of soil where you want to place the gazebo is essential; a place with damp clay soil is not the best option. Building a gazebo on the ground that allows proper water drainage will prevent water pooling after a rainfall.


Homeowners with small backyards may consider attaching the gazebo to the house. Or, if you are the type that likes some sort of privacy, making the pergola an extension of your home is a good option. Also, if you are the type that enjoys socialising and you intend using your gazebo to entertain your friends and family, you can place your gazebo away from the house.

Homeowners with a  large backyard can also choose to place the gazebo a bit away from the house. Also, you need to check for environmental hazards in the area you want to build your gazebo. You won’t want to choose a place full of sticks and broken bottles that can injure people or a place close to a beehive. 


If you want to know where to put a gazebo in your backyard, You need to first know the type of outdoor structure you want. It is also essential to consider the location, the measurement of the area and the ground level of where you want to place your gazebo. 

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