What You Need to Know About Gazebo

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The gazebo is a popular outdoor structure you can find in homes and gardens. Its structural design can captivate a person’s attention; no wonder those who value aesthetics opt for a gazebo. That’s not all about a gazebo; there are lots of things you should know about it. What do you need to know about a gazebo?

What You Should Know About a Gazebo

Homeowners who love aesthetics see the gazebo as an easy way to make their home beautiful. The gazebo is a kind of outdoor structure that provides shelter from the sun and rain. Besides that, there are a lot of things you can do with a gazebo.

 A gazebo is a popular outdoor structure you can identify when you sight one. The way the makers structure the gazebo is what makes it stand out from other structures. A gazebo is a small building located in the backyard of homes. You can also find a gazebo in gardens and parks.  

A gazebo structure can stand alone or attached to a house or wall. It can take any shape, but the most popular gazebo shape is round. You can also make it octagonal with eight sides or hexagonal with nine sides. A gazebo can also be rectangular or square-shaped. 

The gazebo has a roof and partially open sides. Some people who want extra coverage or protection usually enclose the gazebo. The gazebo sides can be covered with a screen wall or lattice sides. Aside from that, you can make the gazebo structure with different materials. You can choose to use wood, metal, bricks or vinyl in building a gazebo.

Types of Gazebo You Should Know

What You Need to Know About Gazebo

Now that you have come to know what a gazebo is let’s consider the type of gazebo. The gazebo is classified into two different types. If you plan to install a gazebo in your home, it’s good to know the various types. There is a permanent kind of gazebo. Aside from that, there is also a temporary gazebo.

Permanent Gazebo

There are a bunch of things you need to know about a Permanent gazebo. A permanent gazebo is a kind of gazebo you can use for a long time. Like a building, the permanent gazebo can last for several years. Aside from that, the permanent gazebo is a fixed structure. It can be freestanding or attached to other structures. You can make a permanent gazebo with building materials like bricks, metal, vinyl and wood. 

If you want to install a permanent belvedere in your home, you can buy the kit and assemble it. You can also hire a gazebo maker to build it for you from scratch. One advantage of the permanent gazebo is that it can withstand various climate conditions. You can use a permanent gazebo both in the summer and winter seasons.

Additionally, you can also customise a permanent gazebo by adding a screen wall, curtains, fan and lights. Another thing you should know about the permanent gazebo is its roof. The roof of a permanent gazebo is hard. Builders use strong materials in building the roof of a permanent gazebo. The permanent gazebo is also known as a hardtop gazebo because of its roof.

Temporary Gazebo 

A temporary gazebo is a kind of gazebo that you can use occasionally or seasonally. One advantage of the temporary gazebo you should know is that it is mobile. You can take a temporary gazebo and set it up anywhere. Gazebo owners can put the gazebo up by the seaside, on the field or in any open space.

Additionally, the temporary gazebo is easy to set up. Depending on the size, you can put up a temporary gazebo alone. You can put it up quickly in minutes without using any tool. The temporary belvedere has a soft roof. It has a canvas or PVC coated polyester roof. 

A temporary gazebo is also known as a soft-top gazebo. A pop-up gazebo is a popular kind of temporary gazebo. It has a light framework and It is not heavy like the permanent gazebo. Gazebo makers build temporary belvedere with metals like aluminium or steel.  You can also customise a temporary gazebo to suit your needs. 

Gazebo owners can add sides to the gazebo for extra coverage. Unlike the permanent gazebo, a temporary gazebo can not withstand diverse climate conditions. Temporary gazebos are best used in summer seasons when the climate is favourable. 


You need to know a lot of things about the gazebo. The gazebo is an outdoor shade you can find easily in any open space. Additionally, there is a temporary and permanent type of gazebo.

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