What Size of Gazebo do I Need


Gazebo comes in different sizes, to know what size of the gazebo to install in your yard, this article is for you. The size of a gazebo is an important thing to consider before buying a gazebo. You want a size that is not too big for your space or too small. Let’s first consider the gazebo types and sizes before deciding on what size of a gazebo to choose. 

Gazebo Types

Temporary Gazebo

The temporary belvedere is owned by gazebo owners who want a gazebo for occasional use only. The temporary gazebo has different sizes, and you can easily transport it anywhere. Temporary gazebos are collapsible and can be folded into a compact size when not used. Campers use a temporary gazebo as a shelter at night for sleeping. If you are going for a long walk in the forest or a trip, the temporary gazebo will suit your needs.

Permanent Gazebo 

A permanent gazebo differs from a temporary gazebo in that the permanent gazebo is for long term use. Also, when installed, you can not put down the permanent gazebo compared to the temporary gazebo. The permanent gazebo can be freestanding or attached to the house or your garden wall. 

Homeowners can build a permanent belvedere or customise it to suit their needs. They can select a size that will fit into your backyard and garden. You can also use the permanent gazebo for several purposes; you can use it as an extension of your living room. Gazebo owners can also use a large gazebo to hold wedding receptions, carnivals, family gatherings and more.

Gazebo sizes

What size of gazebo do I need

Gazebo makers build a gazebo in various sizes to fit individual needs. The different sizes will make it less difficult for you to choose the one that suits your desire. The gazebo has a size range of 10ft x 10ft, 10ft x 15ft, 10ft x 20ft and above.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Gazebo 

Take Measurements

If you plan to install a gazebo in your backyard or garden, it is important to know the dimension of the open space you have. Knowing this ahead before purchasing a gazebo will save you the stress of buying a gazebo size that is bigger than your available space. 

You can calculate the dimensions of your available space by using a measuring tape. Calculate the length and width of the land you intend to use and compare it to the various sizes. The size of the space you have will help you know what size of the gazebo will fit your backyard. 


If you plan to purchase a gazebo, consider how the size might affect the purpose. If you want to use your gazebo for socialising with your friends and family or for entertainment, you should go for the one that is not too small to fit several people. When compared to installing a gazebo for private or personal use, a smaller size might fit your purpose.

Homeowners who want a gazebo as an extension of their living space would go for a big enough size to serve as an outdoor living room. Depending on what you intend to use the gazebo for, choosing a size that suits your needs is vital.


There are varieties of gazebo sizes ranging from smaller to bigger sizes. The price of each size may vary; for example, a small size gazebo won’t be the same price when compared to a bigger size. You need to have a specific budget of the amount you want to spend in mind. Having a budget will help you decide if the belvedere size you want will fit your budget. For example, if you are looking to purchase a gazebo of size 14m x 14m, it will cost more than a 10m x 10m gazebo.


If you plan to purchase a temporary gazebo like the pop-up canopy, knowing the size you want is very important. The larger the size of a pop-up gazebo, the heavier it might be for you to carry. If you want to be using the gazebo every day or occasionally, you should think about moving the gazebo into position. Will the gazebo be left on-site, or will you need a vehicle to transport it to your house daily? Will the gazebo size fit into the vehicle you intend to use to transport the gazebo?

These are the things worth considering before choosing a gazebo size. You can easily carry a small size canopy from one position to another, and you can easily set it up on your own. But a larger size canopy will require a partner to assist you while transporting and setting it up. 


To know what size of gazebo you will need, you should consider whether it will fit into the space you want to put it. You also need to consider its purpose and the amount you budget for the gazebo.

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