What Kind of Gazebo Should I Buy?

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Homeowners want the kind of gazebo that will suit their needs. Gazebo makers build the gazebos in various styles and sizes. Choosing the right type of gazebo might be difficult for you without a guide or the help of an expert. This article will guide you in knowing what kind of gazebo to buy.

Classification of Gazebo

The Hardtop Gazebo

The hardtop gazebo is a type of gazebo that has a solid roof. Builders make this kind of gazebo with materials that are strong enough to withstand any weather conditions. You can use the hardtop gazebo in the winter period with heavy snowfall and frost. Likewise, you can also use it in hot and warm seasons. 

Gazebo makers build this kind of gazebo roof with materials like PVC, steel, aluminium, vinyl and wood. In most cases, gazebo experts also use the same material used to make the roof to create the gazebo structure. The hardtop gazebo is a permanent type of gazebo; the structure can last for decades if you maintain it properly. 

Wooden gazebos can be coated with stains to prevent them from absorbing water. You can also use sealants like polyurethane to waterproof the gazebo. For metal gazebos, you can use anti-corrosion spray to prevent any form of rust.  While a vinyl hardtop gazebo requires little maintenance, ensure you wash or clean them.  

You can buy a hardtop gazebo kit and install them in your home. If you also have a garden, you can choose to site it on your gazebo. With a hardtop gazebo in your open space, you don’t need to worry about the wind blowing it away. The hardtop gazebo is an ideal type of gazebo for your outdoor space; it provides full protection against the elements.

SoftTop Gazebo

As the name implies, the soft top gazebo is a kind of gazebo with a soft roof. Unlike the hardtop gazebo, the soft top gazebo has a delicate roof. Some soft top gazebo has a powder-coated aluminium or galvanised steel frame and a canvas or polyester roof. The soft top gazebo is not heavy; it has a light framework. 

A common type of soft top gazebo is the pop-up gazebo, canopy gazebo, garden canopy, instant canopy, marquees and so on. One advantage of the soft top gazebo is that it is transportable. Most of the soft top gazebo has a collapsible framework that you can put up easily. If you plan to enjoy your day by the beachside or want to spend some time outdoors in a park, you can carry a pop-up gazebo along. 

The soft top belvedere has different sizes, they are portable, and you can fold them into a carrier bag. You can use the soft top gazebo as shade during outdoor activities like picnics, weddings, BBQs, tradeshow and more. The soft top gazebo can not withstand diverse climate conditions like the hardtop gazebo; therefore, they are for occasional or seasonal use. If you own a soft top gazebo, you should not use it all year round, especially in winter. Ensure you store the gazebo in a dry place when not in use to prevent it from damage.  

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Gazebo

What kind of gazebo should I buy

Take Measurements

If you plan to buy a gazebo in your home or garden, buy the size that will fit your outdoor space. Before buying a gazebo, it is crucial to know the measurement of the additional space you have in your home. Knowing this ahead before purchasing a gazebo will save you the stress of buying a gazebo size that is bigger than your available space. 

To know the right size that will fit into your space, calculate the dimensions of the space you want to use. Measure the length and width of the area you intend to use and compare it to the various sizes of gazebos available. The size of the area you have will help you know what size of the gazebo to buy.


The gazebo you intend to buy should fit into your purpose. Do you want a permanent gazebo that you can only use when you are at home? Or will you prefer to buy a type of gazebo that is portable and that you can use anywhere? These are questions worth considering before you buy a gazebo. 


There are varieties of gazebo designs and sizes. If you intend to buy a gazebo, you should buy a kind of gazebo that fit into your budget. For instance, a steel gazebo will be more expensive when compared to a vinyl gazebo. Likewise, a hardtop gazebo kit will be more expensive to buy than a soft top gazebo. Understanding this will help you to know the right type of gazebo you can purchase with the amount you have.


The kind of gazebo you should buy is the one that fits your needs. You also need to consider your budget, the purpose of the gazebo and the size of your available space before knowing the kind of gazebo to buy.

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