What is the Standard Size of a Gazebo ?

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The size of a gazebo varies, ranging from a smaller size to a bigger size. For homeowners who have additional space in their house or garden, building a gazebo on your land is an ideal way to make use of your open area. A gazebo in your open land or garden can add to the elegance and beautify the environment. Read more as we discuss the various gazebo sizes, including the standard size of a gazebo.

Gazebo Sizes

The 8m x 8m Gazebo

Homeowners with limited space in their yard or garden can go for an 8m by 8m gazebo size. The 8m by 8m size is an ideal size that will fit into your small space. if you are an individual that likes mini parties and romantic evening dinners; the 8m by 8m gazebo size is a perfect option.

The 10m x 10m Gazebo

The 10m by 10m gazebo size is a perfect option for you if you have a backyard with a big space. A bit bigger than the 8m by 8m gazebo, the 10m by 10m gazebo is perfect if you want a small structure in your garden. The 10m by 10m belvedere is ideal for entertaining friends and family, for picnics, get-together parties, reunions and more.

The 10m x 12m Gazebo

Larger than the 10m by 10m gazebo, the 10m by 12m gazebo size is suitable for your large outdoor space. You can add beauty to your garden with 10m by 12m gazebo; this gazebo size is perfect for socialising with your pals and family. If you like outdoor cooking, the 10m by 12m gazebo size is wide enough to have your barbecue outdoors.

The 12m x 12m Gazebo 

Homeowners who want a gazebo with more space can opt for the 12m by 12m gazebo size. Gazebo makers build this size of a gazebo in various shapes that will suit your taste. The 12m by 12m gazebo is perfect if you have a large space in your garden or house. It can comfortably accommodate a large number of people.

Standard Gazebo Size

What is the standard size of a gazebo

Gazebos come in various sizes, ranging from smaller to bigger sizes, but the standard size is 12m x 12m. Other popular sizes include 12m x 14m and 14m x 14m. You can choose any of the gazebo sizes depending on what you want. You can go for a bigger size if you have a large yard, but you shouldn’t build a  much smaller size than the standard size. This is advisable so that you can have enough room to entertain your guest. 

How to Calculate Gazebo Dimensions

If you want to estimate a gazebo measurement, you will need a measuring tape to do that. Gazebo measurement depends mainly on the shape of the gazebo unit. If the gazebo is a square or rectangular shape, all you have to do is measure the length and the width. And also, If the gazebo is a circle, find the circumference of the gazebo.

Step 1- The height

To determine the gazebo’s height, measure it from the gazebo base to the top, where the ceiling begins. If you place the gazebo on a concrete floor, do not measure from the base of the concrete but gauge it from the base of the gazebo’s frame. Likewise, if you raise the gazebo off the ground, do not estimate the ground’s height but measure it from the gazebo frame base.

Step 2- The length and width of the gazebo

For a square shape gazebo, you can do this by measuring both vertical sides of the gazebo. If you measure inches (for example, 60 inches), divide by 12 to find the measure in feet (60 inches divided by 12 would be 5 feet).

Step 3- Find the Diameter of the Gazebo

You can only find the diameter of the gazebo if it is circular.  Measure across the centre of the gazebo from one side to the other side. Then, to determine the length and the width, convert the measurement to feet by dividing the measure you get in inches by 12. Then divide the diameter by two to determine its radius.

Step 4- Find the Square Footage of the Belvedere

For square gazebos, you should multiply the length by the width of the gazebo. For circular gazebos, multiply the radius by the radius and multiply that product by 3.14 to find the square footage.


The standard size of a gazebo is 12m by 12m. Therefore you can choose to build a larger gazebo size depending on your needs.

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