What is the Point of Having a Pergola?

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Having a pergola in your backyard or garden is a great way of using your space. Pergolas are incredible garden structures; it is one of the most common outdoor structures owned by homeowners. Homeowners can get more creative with their outdoor spaces by building a pergola. Pergola has different designs; you can choose to customise a pergola to suit your needs and lifestyle. 

 What is a Pergola?

Pergolas are outdoor garden features that consist of a vertical post that usually support a cross beam and an open lattice. They can be freestanding to cover your yard, deck or patio. It can also be attached to your house as an extension of your living space.

Builders can make a pergola with materials like wood, powdered-coated metal and vinyl. A wooden pergola is the most common type of pergola owned by homeowners; wood has a natural look, feel and texture. You can use hardwood and pressure-treated pine to build your pergola.

Metal Pergola can cover a wide space with less structural support than a wooden pergola. A powder-coated aluminium pergola is lightweight and comes in different colour options. You can easily fix an aluminium pergola in kit form. A metal pergola won’t rust, and they are also long-lasting.

Pergola makers create vinyl pergola from pressure-treated pine covered with vinyl. Vinyl is versatile and can be designed by pergola makers to look like wood or metal. A pergola made with vinyl requires little maintenance compared to wood and steel. 

Types of Pergola

What is the point of having a pergola

Traditional Pergola

A traditional pergola is made of timber and commonly used as a support structure for climbing plants. These plants can serve as a cover for the roof.

Thatched Pergola

A thatched pergola is similar to a traditional pergola; they are both made of timber. The roof can be flat or tilted; you can make the thatched roof with waterweed, palm branches or long straw.

Freestanding Pergola

A freestanding pergola is a pergola type that is not attached to any structure; you can build it alone. Pergola makers build this type of pergola by sinking the post into post-hole footings. 

Retractable Louvered Pergola

It is a pergola type with an adjustable roof; you can operate the retractable roof easily with a button’s touch. A pergola with a retractable awning provides full coverage from the sun, rain and wind. You can also control the amount of sun or shadow you let in with a retractable roof.

Curved-Roof Pergola

Pergola makers can create a curved structure from powdered-coated aluminium with a polycarbonate roof. This type of gazebo design can cover a large area compared to a wooden pergola.

Uses of Pergola


A pergola is the best centrepiece for your garden; it is also the best way to bring your patio accessories. You can hang a potted plant on the lattice roof of your pergola. These plants can enhance the look of your backyard or garden. 

You can also add other accessories like a drape,light bulb and fan to your pergola structure. The light will keep you from the dark and, at the same time, beautify your pergola. 


A pergola can shade you from the elements while relaxing outside—builders design typical pergola to provide partial shade from the sun. But if you want full coverage or protection against the elements, you can install a roof on the pergola. A pergola with a retractable awning provides full coverage from the sun, rain and wind.

Extension of a Living Space

A pergola attached to your house can serve as an extension of your living space. You can customise your pergola to suit your lifestyle by adding furniture, ceiling fans, lights, curtains and more. You can enjoy spending time alone in your pergola if you like some form of privacy. 

You can spend your evening relaxing or entertaining your family and friends on your pergola. A pergola is also the perfect place to enjoy your outdoor family dinner. So, if you are someone that likes spending time outdoors, building a pergola on your property will be great.


Pergola can be used for various purposes; adding a pergola in your yard will beautify your home.  A pergola is an ideal option for outdoor dining; you can also expand your living space if you own a pergola. Homeowners can use the pergola as an extension to beautify their garden. Pergola owners can also use a pergola for whatever they imagine; you can customise a pergola to suit your needs and lifestyle.

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