What is the Cost of a 12×12 Gazebo in the UK?

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If you plan to build a 12×12 gazebo in the UK, you need to know the average cost of a 12×12 gazebo. Like other home construction projects, you need to know what is involved and the associated cost before building a gazebo in your garden. 

Building a gazebo is an interesting project; in this write-up, we will consider the cost to build a 12×12 gazebo in the UK.

What is a Gazebo?

A gazebo should not be confused with a pergola; many people confuse a gazebo with a pergola. It is useful to know what a gazebo is so that you won’t end up building something else in your garden.

The gazebo is an outdoor structure with a solid roof. It can be hexagonal, octagonal, or circular; the sides are partially close and may contain curtains, chairs, and other accessories.

The distinction between a pergola and a pavilion is the roof. You can characterise a pergola by a slatted roof that allows sunlight. 

Type of Gazebo

12×12 gazebo

Freestanding Gazebo

Freestanding gazebo does not require any additional support when built; it’s the most common type of permanent gazebo. You can place a gazebo in your backyard, garden, or park.

Lean-to Gazebo

A lean-to-the gazebo, just as the name implies, is usually leaned on other structures. Unlike a freestanding gazebo,  you can attach a lean-to pergola to the outside of your house, either to the backdoor or an exit to the garden.

Gazebo Tent

Gazebo tents are portable structures with fabric canopy and walls. Canopies are low-cost and do not require a structural installation. You can use tents for outdoor events, like weddings.

Gazebo Material

The cost of building a 12×12 gazebo in your backyard or gardens varies and may depend on the material you plan to use.

 A gazebo can consist of different materials, and each of these materials has a different price point. The type of material you select in building a gazebo will be an important factor in your construction projects. A gazebo structure can consist of wood, metal, or vinyl. 


Homeowners should expect to pay £4,250-£5000 depending on the type of wood they choose.  You can use wood like cedar, bamboo, pine and redwood to build a gazebo. Cedars are long-lasting, durable, and easy to maintain, while pines have low durability than cedar.

Pines are very affordable and do not require a high maintenance cost. Redwoods are expensive but have long durability; they do not require high maintenance costs.


Using metal for a gazebo is the most expensive option; depending on the type of metal used, the pricing for metal is usually around £8,000.

Metals like aluminium are low-cost; they are also lightweight with high durability.

While steel is expensive compared to aluminium, it is structurally sound and doesn’t require high maintenance.


If you are interested in using vinyl for your gazebo, the average cost is £5,500.

Vinyl is very versatile; gazebo makers can design vinyl to look like wood, metal, or bricks. Vinyl is long-lasting and requires less maintenance than wood and steel. One disadvantage of vinyl is that it might be difficult to fix if there is any damage to the gazebo. To prevent mould from growing on it, you need to clean it regularly in a wet climate. 

Cost of Building a 12×12 Gazebo 

Material Cost

A 12×12 gazebo is a large structure, the combination of the type of material you used and the style you choose will determine the amount you will pay. 

Labour Cost

The cost to install a gazebo is relatively low; a gazebo is easy to install and should take up to one to three days. The average daily labour cost is between £200 – £250.

Additional Cost to Build a Gazebo

If you plan to build a gazebo from scratch, you should also consider the cost to prepare the surface where you want to place the gazebo.

You also need to calculate the cost for a bespoke design, if you want to build your gazebo in a specific style.

Homeowners who want to add tables and chairs with screens for extra shelter should also include the cost in their budget.


The cost to build a 12×12 gazebo in the UK depends on the style of gazebo you choose and also the material you want to use in building the gazebo. You also need to consider labour costs and the cost of purchasing furniture.

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