What is a Good Size Pergola?


A good size pergola is a kind of outdoor structure that will fit your outdoor space. Although there are various sizes of pergola you can install in your open area, you still have to choose a good size that will suit your needs.

What is a Pergola?

A pergola is a kind of outdoor structure that forms a shaded passageway, walkway, lounge or sitting area. The pergola may be freestanding or an extension of a building; it can also serve as a link between pavilions. A pergola is a type of structure you can easily recognise when you see one in a garden.

A typical pergola has four vertical posts that support cross beams and an open lattice or slatted rooftop. The gaps between the slatted roof of the pergola allow sunlight to penetrate the structure. The slatted rooftop also allows air circulation inside the pergola, thus making you feel comfortable while relaxing. A typical pergola also has open sides that allow you to enjoy your garden view without obstruction.

Types of Pergola Material 

What is a Good Size Pergola


Wood is a widely used material by builders in constructing a pergola. Wood is flexible and has this natural look that makes it blend well with any existing house design. Redwood, cedar and pressure-treated pine are the best type of wood you can choose in constructing an outdoor pergola. They have a natural repellent to insects, thereby preventing termites from damaging the structure. 

Redwood, pressure-treated pine and cedarwood are long-lasting and would thrive well in a damp environment. They have a natural resistance to decay; your pergola would not swell, warp nor rot. You can also coat your wooden pergola with stains or sealers for extra protection. Wood-like cedar, redwood and pressure-treated pines can withstand various climate conditions, making it a good material choice.


Metals like galvanised steel and powder-coated aluminium are a good material choice for a pergola. Although homeowners do not use metals often in making a pergola, they do have their own merits. Aluminium and galvanised steel are both resistant to corrosion; they will not get rust or corrode easily. Since pergolas are outdoor structures, they are exposed to air, moist and water. If you use metals like aluminium and steel to make a pergola, it will last for a long time. It will not corrode or rust if exposed to moisture and air.

Polyvinyl Chloride

Polyvinyl chloride is another material choice for making a pergola. It is a good building material for a pergola and will last for a longer period. Pvc can thrive well in different weather conditions, making it suitable for constructing an outdoor structure. It also has a natural repellent for insects like termites, bugs, ants and more.

 Pergola Sizes

 If you are looking for the right kind of pergola for your backyard space, there are varieties of the size you can choose. You can also have a pergola maker to create a custom pergola. A custom-built pergola is a kind of outdoor structure you can make to suit what you want. It includes your design and style, plus the kind of dimension you want for your pergola. 

The 10ft x 10ft Pergola Size

If you have a smaller outdoor space in your home, the 10m x 10m pergolas are the right size for you. The 10m x 10m pergolas are the standard size for a small garden or backyard. 

10ft x 12ft Pergola Size

The 10ft x 12ft pergolas are slightly larger than the 10ft x 10ft pergola. It is a good pergola size for an outdoor space that is not too small.  

10ft x 14ft Pergola Size

A 10ft x 14ft is a standard pergola size if you have a large outdoor space. The 10ft x 14ft is a good choice if you want a pergola to serve as an outdoor dining area.  

12ft x 14ft Pergola size

A pergola size of 12ft x 14ft is excellent if you want a large outdoor living room. You can use it as an outdoor cooking and dining area. It can also contain a couch, tables, chairs and more.

What is a Good Size Pergola?

A good size pergola is a pergola with a dimension that will suit your needs. The pergola dimension you choose should be the right one that will fit into your open space. Pergola makers can build a custom pergola that will fit into your outdoor space.


A good size pergola is important for your outdoor living space and comfort. If you want a pergola for your backyard, you should have a good size that will fit your needs.  

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