What Can I Do With a Gazebo?

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Have you been wondering what you can do with a gazebo? Gazebos are beautiful outdoor structures that you can use for various purposes. Having a gazebo in your home can be exciting and rewarding; you can never regret owning a gazebo.

What is a Gazebo?

A gazebo is an outdoor structure seen in homes, gardens, poolsides and any open space. Gazebo structure can be octagonal, rectangular or domed shaped; you can choose to design it in any shape of your choice. Its roof can be hard or soft, depending on the type of gazebo you prefer. 

A Permanent gazebo has a hardtop that can withstand any weather conditions. The pavilion has partially open sides, and it can be purchased with a built-in floor or placed on a concrete floor.Gazebo makers can build a gazebo with woods, metal and vinyl. 

Gazebos made with wood look more natural and blend well with the environment. Depending on its purpose, you can choose to buy a temporary or permanent pavilion.  

Why You Need a Gazebo

A gazebo structure in your backyard can add a touch of elegance to your home. Adding a gazebo to your yard will suddenly increase the value of your property; your yard will look very beautiful and classy. Gazebos are easy to build, and the cost of maintaining a gazebo is cheap. Gazebos are long-lasting; if you own a gazebo, you don’t need to worry whether it will get damaged.

Most people think you can only use a gazebo in summer; you can use a gazebo all year long, both in the summer and winter season.

Uses of Gazebo

what can I do with a gazebo


Pavilions are cheaper for events compared to other structures, and they can also contain a large number of people. You can use a canopy for your next outdoor events like weddings, shows and BBQs. The open sides can be covered with fabric or drapes and decorated with balloons. 

If you are the type of person that likes having a party in free space or a garden, a gazebo is the best structure to go to for your party. Gazebo owners can use pavilions for mini parties like a family gathering, get-together parties and picnics.


A gazebo can serve as shade in an open space; you can relax and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere under a pavilion. Gazebo makers design a pavilion roof to protect you from sun heat. You can save your skin from sunburn by taking a shade under a gazebo. Gazebo owners also use the pavilion as a shelter when it rains.

 Changing Room

You can use a pop-up canopy with closed sides as a changing room for swimmers in a swimming pool. It can also serve as a changing room in an outdoor show. You can also place a locker inside the canopy for keeping swimmers clothes and belongings.


A gazebo fitted with flexible plastic material can be used as a greenhouse in farms during the winter. The plastic material on the sides and roof will keep the inside of the canopy warm. Farmers can grow vegetables inside the pavilion throughout the winter season.


If you plan to invite a band to play for you at an outdoor party, you can use a gazebo as a bandstand. Pavilions in open spaces can serve as platforms in which bands and orchestras play.

Commercial Use 

If you own a small business, you can use a pop-up gazebo as a shade. Some small businesses like car wash do not require setting up a large structure. You can use a canopy tent with closed sides, table and chair as a small office.

Traders can also place a chair under an open-side canopy for sitting and a table to display their wares during exhibitions and tradeshows.


A gazebo is a perfect spot to enjoy an outdoor meal with friends and families. You can set up a portable canopy by a pond or in the garden and eat your meal while enjoying the excellent scenery.

Temporary Store

Gazebos can be used as temporary stores to keep household items. If you live in a house without a basement, You can improvise your gazebo into a temporary storehouse. Make sure you waterproof the pavilion to prevent water from wetting your items.

Shelter for Outdoor Spa

Having outdoor bathing inside a pavilion close to the house can be exciting; a gazebo with closed sides can serve as shelter for outdoor spa and hot tubs. You can also create another compartment inside the pavilion for changing. 


You can do different things with a gazebo; gazebo owners can use a gazebo for outdoor events. You can also use it as shade, as shelter for outdoor spa and as a stand for small businesses.

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