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Can a Gazebo Be Left All Year?


Can a gazebo be left all year? Homeowners who are planning to install an outdoor structure in their home usually ask this question. Gazebos are structures for outdoor use only; if you want to leave the gazebo outside all year long, you have to know everything about the gazebo. The Gazebo The gazebo is an […]

How Long Does it Take to Put Up a Gazebo?

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When we talk about how long it takes to put up a gazebo, we refer to the minutes, hours or days. There are varieties of gazebos, and how long it will take to install them varies. Gazebo makers design some types of belvedere in such a way that you can put up quickly, while others […]

Which is Better Between Steel or Aluminum Gazebo?

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Steel and aluminium are the most common type of metal used on earth. Gazebo makers also make use of these two metals when constructing a gazebo. Metal gazebos are long-lasting; you can use them for several years without spending much on maintenance. But which is better between a steel or aluminium gazebo. What is a […]

Do Gazebos Require Permits to Install?

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Do gazebos require permits? It is one of the major questions homeowners frequently ask when planning to build a gazebo. Adding a gazebo in your backyard or garden can be exciting and rewarding; the thought of a building permit seems to bother many. If you are looking forward to building a gazebo in your open […]

How Long Does a Hardtop Gazebo Last?

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A hardtop gazebo can last long, it can also add value to your garden; building a hardtop gazebo can easily enhance your backyard aesthetics. If you would like to have a hardtop gazebo in your open space, you can choose various materials. The material you choose can also determine how long a hardtop gazebo lasts. […]

Can I Leave a Gazebo Up Overnight?

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If you want to leave a gazebo up overnight, you have to be sure it’s not the type of gazebo that can get damaged easily. Gazebos are structures for outdoor use; they can be prone to damage if not handled properly. Some gazebo types are not good for use throughout the year; such  gazebo types […]

What is Considered a Gazebo?

How Long Does a Gazebo Last

What you consider a gazebo might be quite different from someone else’s, it is not all outdoor structures that are deemed as a gazebo. There are various types of outdoor structures ranging from Pergolas to gazebos and arbours. These structures are similar, but it has been confused by many to mean the same. If you […]

Can I Leave a Gazebo Up in Summer?

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You can leave a gazebo up in summer, depending on the type of gazebo you have. During the summer, many people choose to stay in their gazebo because of the hot weather. Builders design some type of gazebo to withstand unfavourable conditions; you can use that type of gazebo all year round. While others are […]

How to Stop a Gazebo from Blowing Away

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If you want to stop a gazebo from blowing away, you need to know how to prevent the wind from lifting it off the ground. Gazebos are outdoor structures; you can build a gazebo in an open area like your backyard, garden, or park.  Because it is generally situated outside, the gazebo is more likely […]

Do You Take a Gazebo Down in Winter?

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You might have thought of taking a gazebo down in winter because of the frost and heavy snowfall. In some areas, the wind is so high that you may want to take down your gazebo. Gazebos are outdoor structures; depending on the type of gazebo you have in your yard, you may not take it […]