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5 Reasons You Should Buy a Gazebo Now

5 Reasons You Should Buy a Gazebo Now

There are a lot of reasons you should buy a gazebo. If you don’t have a gazebo, now is the right time to buy one. A gazebo can serve a lot of purposes. You can use them for anything you imagine. Apart from that, you can always customize a gazebo to suit what you want. […]

Can I Use a Gazebo in Winter?

Can I use a gazebo in winter

Can I Use a Gazebo in Winter? Whether you can use a gazebo in winter depends on the type of gazebo. The winter season is a period of cold with snowfall and frost. If you want to enjoy your winter holiday in a gazebo, you need to find out if you can use a gazebo […]

Where Do I Place a Gazebo?

5 Reasons You Should Buy a Gazebo Now

You can place a gazebo in a place that is best suited for an outdoor structure. Placing your gazebo in the right spot is essential if you want the gazebo to serve you well. If you are contemplating installing a gazebo in your open area, you need to know where to place the gazebo. What […]

What is the difference Between a Gazebo and a Pavilion


The gazebo and pavilion are outdoor structures with similar designs; people often confuse the two structures as the same. But the gazebo and pavilion differ from each other in so many ways. If you intend to install an outdoor shade in your home, it is better to know the difference between a gazebo and a […]

What Material Can I Use For a Gazebo?


The kind of material you can use for a gazebo should be a material that will make the gazebo last for a long time. There are various kinds of materials you can use in constructing a gazebo in your home. Some materials you can use in building your gazebo will not require a huge maintenance […]

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Gazebo?


The amount it cost to build a gazebo depends on several reasons. If you are eager to build a gazebo in your home or garden, it is vital to know the cost price. To know the amount to budget, you should know everything about the gazebo and how much it costs to build a gazebo. […]

How Much Does a Screened IN Gazebo Cost?


 A screened-in gazebo is a perfect gazebo if you want to keep the wind and rain at bay. The screen cover allows you to enjoy the outdoor view of your gazebo without obstruction while protecting you from the elements. If you want a screen for your gazebo, you should know how much a screened-in gazebo […]