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What is a Good Size Pergola?


A good size pergola is a kind of outdoor structure that will fit your outdoor space. Although there are various sizes of pergola you can install in your open area, you still have to choose a good size that will suit your needs. What is a Pergola? A pergola is a kind of outdoor structure […]

Does a Pergola Add Value to Your House?

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If you are sceptical as to whether a pergola can add value to your house, then this article is for you. Pergola has been increasing rapidly in recent times; homeowners who love spending their leisure time outdoors opt to build a pergola as an immediate option. But can installing a pergola in your yard add […]

Can a Pergola Have a Roof?

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 A typical pergola has a roof frame with several lattices to keep out the sun. Unlike a gazebo, builders did not design the pergola top to protect you from bad weather conditions. The amazing thing about the pergola is that you can customise it to a style that suits your needs. You can also add […]

Does the Pergola Provide a lot of Shade?

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You might have wondered if the pergola provides a lot of shade, probably because of the roof. The pergola is one of the most common outdoor structures used by homeowners to enjoy their leisure time outside. The pergola is a beautiful structure you can use for anything you imagine; the amount of shade the typical […]

Do Pergolas Block the Sun?

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You might have wondered if pergolas can block the sun because of their lattice or slatted top. The pergola is quite different from other outdoor structures in the way a builder constructed it. The lattice top of a typical pergola makes it seem as if the pergola isn’t good at shading you from the sun. […]