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Important Factors to Consider When Buying a Gazebo 


There are factors to consider when buying a gazebo for use. These factors will help you choose the right type of gazebo for your outdoor space. It will also help you know the amount to budget for the type of gazebo you want. When you examine these factors, you will make the right decision in […]

What is the Standard Size of a Gazebo?


The standard size of a gazebo is the right size for your backyard space. If you want a backyard or garden gazebo, you should choose a size that will fit into your space. The standard gazebo size is an ideal size for homeowners that want a gazebo on their property. What is a Gazebo A […]

What is the difference Between a Gazebo and a Pavilion


The gazebo and pavilion are outdoor structures with similar designs; people often confuse the two structures as the same. But the gazebo and pavilion differ from each other in so many ways. If you intend to install an outdoor shade in your home, it is better to know the difference between a gazebo and a […]

How Are Gazebo Measured?

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How are gazebo measured? That’s one of the questions gazebo owners ask. Gazebos often come in different shapes and sizes and can be measured. While it might be easy to measure a square shape gazebo, other gazebo shapes like the octagonal and hexagonal might be a little bit difficult for you to calculate. In this […]

What is the Standard Size of a Gazebo ?

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The size of a gazebo varies, ranging from a smaller size to a bigger size. For homeowners who have additional space in their house or garden, building a gazebo on your land is an ideal way to make use of your open area. A gazebo in your open land or garden can add to the […]