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Do You Take a Gazebo Down in Winter?

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You might have thought of taking a gazebo down in winter because of the frost and heavy snowfall. In some areas, the wind is so high that you may want to take down your gazebo. Gazebos are outdoor structures; depending on the type of gazebo you have in your yard, you may not take it […]

What is the Cost of a 12×12 Gazebo in the UK?

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If you plan to build a 12×12 gazebo in the UK, you need to know the average cost of a 12×12 gazebo. Like other home construction projects, you need to know what is involved and the associated cost before building a gazebo in your garden.  Building a gazebo is an interesting project; in this write-up, […]

Where Can I Put a Gazebo in My Backyard?

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You can put a gazebo in your backyard; placing a gazebo in your backyard allows you to make better use of your space and enjoy your property to the fullest. Building a pergola or pavilion in your backyard can be exciting and rewarding. A gazebo can add value to your home, making it look more […]

What Can I Do With a Gazebo?

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Have you been wondering what you can do with a gazebo? Gazebos are beautiful outdoor structures that you can use for various purposes. Having a gazebo in your home can be exciting and rewarding; you can never regret owning a gazebo. What is a Gazebo? A gazebo is an outdoor structure seen in homes, gardens, […]

Is Pop-up Gazebo of any Good?

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Homeowners might have wondered if pop-up gazebo is of any good when choosing the type to use as a structure for their backyards or gardens. A pop-up gazebo is lightweight, portable and easy to install.  Homeowners who don’t want a permanent structure in their yard can opt for a pop-up gazebo. Is pop-up gazebo of […]

How to keep gazebo from Blowing Away on Concrete

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To keep the gazebo from blowing away on concrete, homeowners should learn how to secure their gazebo. Since gazebos are built outdoors by homeowners, they are prone to damage from weather conditions. Wind can damage a gazebo by lifting it away from the ground, and this can also cause injury to people in the canopy […]