Is Gazebo a Permanent Structure?

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A permanent structure can last for several decades; building a permanent structure is seen as an investment. Like all other structures, a well-built gazebo can last long. Some people who don’t own a gazebo are doubting if the gazebo is a permanent structure or not. This article will clarify that doubt; follow along as I explain further. 

The Gazebo

A gazebo is a freestanding outdoor structure; you can also attach it to a building. Gazebo makers build a gazebo with partially open sides, although you can choose to cover the sides with a screen wall or curtains. The most telling feature of a gazebo is its shape; you can easily recognise a gazebo when you see one.

 A gazebo can be a circular, square or rectangular shape. Some homeowners even build theirs in a hexagonal or octagonal shape. The gazebo can be small or large, depending on how wide your yard is or your choice. You can also use any materials like wood, metal and vinyl if you want to install a belvedere in your home. The gazebo roof provides full coverage from the sun; gazebo makers may cover the gazebo top with a hard or soft roof material depending on the type of gazebo you want.

Types of Gazebo

Is gazebo a permanent structure

Hardtop Gazebo

The hardtop gazebo is a type of outdoor structure with a hard roof. Gazebo makers create the gazebo roof with material like metal, wood or PVC; these types of material are strong and long-lasting. In most cases, gazebo builders also use the same material used to make the roof to create the gazebo structure. Builders use metals like aluminium and steel in making the hardtop gazebo. Other materials used in making a hardtop gazebo like pinewood, cedarwood and redwood are long-lasting; they can last for decades. A gazebo made with vinyl can also be used for several years and require little maintenance.

 The hardtop gazebo is a permanent type of gazebo; the material is strong to withstand any climatic conditions. If you own a hardtop gazebo, you can use it all year round. They are not easily prone to damages when properly maintained. Even in winter periods with heavy snowfall and frost, you can still use a hardtop gazebo.  

The gazebo can serve as a shade from the sun and the rain; you can also use it as a place to relax while enjoying the cool breeze. If you are the kind of person that likes entertaining friends, the hardtop gazebo is the ideal spot to use. You can customise a hardtop gazebo to suit your needs by adding accessories like a ceiling fan, bulb, potted plants, screen wall, curtains, drapes and more.

Soft top Gazebo

As the name implies, the soft top gazebo is a gazebo with a soft roof; gazebo makers create this type of gazebo roof with light materials. Gazebo builders use materials like fabric or nylon to make the gazebo cover. The soft top gazebo has a lightweight framework. A common type of soft top gazebo is the pop-up canopy, garden canopy, tents and so on. Some pop-up canopies have a powder-coated aluminium or galvanised steel frame and a canvas or polyester roof. 

The soft top gazebo can not withstand different climate conditions like the hardtop gazebo; hence they are for occasional use. If you own a soft top gazebo, you should not use it throughout the year, especially in winter. Gazebo experts design the soft top gazebo for temporary use; the gazebo is folded into a compact size when not in use. Ensure you store the gazebo in a dry place when not in use to prevent it from damage.  

Is the Gazebo Permanent?

Considering the various types of the gazebo, we can see that the gazebo can be a permanent structure and a temporary structure. The Hardtop belvedere can last for decades; hence it is a permanent structure. Simultaneously, the soft top gazebo, which is for occasional use, is a temporary type of gazebo.

Benefits of a Gazebo

  • Installing a gazebo in your backyard will enhance your home as well as add value to your property. If you are contemplating increasing your property worth, building a gazebo is an excellent choice.
  • The gazebo can shade you from the sun on a hot day. It can also prevent you from getting soaked when it rains. If you own a pop-up gazebo, you can easily put it up anywhere when needed.
  • A gazebo in your garden can serve as a place for relaxation while enjoying the view of your garden. Simply enjoy your day by relaxing alone in your gazebo if you want some privacy. The gazebo can serve as a place where you can enjoy your evening reading or meditate without distractions.


The gazebo is a permanent structure and a temporary structure, depending on the type of gazebo. While a hardtop gazebo is considered a permanent structure, soft top gazebos are not.

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