How to Stop a Gazebo from Blowing Away

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If you want to stop a gazebo from blowing away, you need to know how to prevent the wind from lifting it off the ground. Gazebos are outdoor structures; you can build a gazebo in an open area like your backyard, garden, or park.  Because it is generally situated outside, the gazebo is more likely to be blown away by the wind if not properly built. 

What Is a Gazebo?

Gazebos are outdoor structures; they can be freestanding or attached to a building. It can have a hard or soft roof, and the sides are usually left open or partially covered with wood, bricks, or drapes. 

Gazebo makers can build a gazebo with materials like wood, metal, or vinyl. Homeowners can build their gazebo in any shape of their choice; you can choose to make it octagonal, hexagonal, rectangular, or circular. 

A gazebo built in your backyard will make your house more beautiful and unique. Gazebos can add value to your home by increasing your property’s worth. The gazebo’s open sides allow a fresh breeze to flow inside, making it a cool spot for relaxing.  

If you are a person that likes outdoor events, you can use a gazebo for get-together parties, weddings, shows, and family reunions. You should cite your gazebo on a flat surface either concrete or grass. 

Types of Gazebo

How to stop a gazebo from blowing away

HardTop Gazebo

A Hardtop gazebo is a type of gazebo made by gazebo makers with strong roofs. You can use materials like metal, wood,d, and vinyl to make a hardtop gazebo. A gazebo with a hardtop can withstand any weather conditions; they are usually permanent. A hardtop gazebo can be found in the backyard of homes, in parks in gardens. If you want a gazebo that will last for years, consider building a hardtop gazebo.

SoftTop Gazebo

As the name implies, a soft-top gazebo is a gazebo with a soft roof. Gazebo makers make the roof with a soft material like fabric. Soft-top gazebos are temporary structures; they are portable and easy to transport. Canopy is an example of a soft-top gazebo; a gazebo with soft can withstand bad climate conditions like a high wind. They are lightweight and can easily be blown away by the wind.

Ways to Stop Gazebo from Blowing Away

Pegs and Ropes

Gazebos are prone to damage because they are sited outside, especially in windy areas. To prevent your gazebo from being blown away by the wind, you need to secure the metal stands with rope and a wooden or metal peg. This method is suitable for pavilions built on a grass surface. You can nail the wooden or metal pegs to the ground around the gazebo and tie a strong rope from the gazebo stand to the peg. 

Masonry Screw

Another way you can stop the gazebo from blowing away by the wind is by screwing the gazebo stand to the floor with a masonry screw. This method is best suited for permanent gazebos built on a concrete surface.

Tying the Roof

Most times, the focus is always on the gazebo stand, and we tend to ignore the roof. The majority of damaged gazebos have seen the roof that is usually blown away by the wind, especially those with a canopy or trampoline roof. The roof should be well-secured by tying it firmly to the stand.

 Concrete Footing

The concrete footing is the best method to stop your gazebo from blowing away. This method is good for the permanent structured gazebo. You can do this by digging holes in the ground, place your stand in the hole and cover it with concrete. 

Filling the Post with Sand

Filling your gazebo post with sand can keep it from blowing away. Make a hole in the ground with a digger and place the posts in the spot. Then you should cover it with sand. This method is suitable for gazebos on a grass surface.

Tie It With Other Gazebos

Tying your gazebo with other gazebos can prevent it from blowing away. Get a firm robe and use it to connect each of the posts to the gazebo. The robe will hold the gazebos together and will make it difficult to get blown away. This method is suitable for the temporary gazebo on a grass or concrete surface.


If you want to stop a gazebo from blowing away, you need to secure it in such a way that the wind won’t lift it from the ground. You can do this by filling the gazebo post with sand, use a masonry crew to hold the stands or tie them to other gazebos.

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