How to keep gazebo from Blowing Away on Concrete

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To keep the gazebo from blowing away on concrete, homeowners should learn how to secure their gazebo. Since gazebos are built outdoors by homeowners, they are prone to damage from weather conditions. Wind can damage a gazebo by lifting it away from the ground, and this can also cause injury to people in the canopy and its surroundings. If you live in a windy area, you need to know how to keep the pavilion from blowing away.

What Is a Gazebo?

Gazebos are beautiful open side structures erected in free space; people like building a gazebo in the backyard of homes, gardens, and public places. They can be made with wood like cedar or metal like aluminium and steel and may contain accessories like light, curtains, drapes, flowers, table and chairs. 

You can spend your time sitting in a gazebo any time of the day reading or doing anything fun. Some gazebos, which can occupy many people, are also used for social gatherings like weddings and picnics. 

There are various types of gazebos; we have the pergola, rotunda, Pavillion and pop-up gazebo. Pop-up gazebo are lightweight; the structures are made with metal and covered with a trampoline or tent roof. 

Since pop-up gazebos are light-weight, they can easily be blown away by the wind compared to other types of gazebos; homeowners should know how to keep the pavilion from blowing away. 

It is advisable to sit a gazebo on a flat surface, either on concrete or a grass surface. Homeowners who choose to site their gazebo on concrete should know how to keep the pavilion from blowing away.

Ways to Keep Gazebo from Blowing Away

keep gazebo from blowing away on concrete

Tent Weight Bag

One way to keep a gazebo from blowing away on concrete is by securing the gazebo post with a bag weight. Tent bag weights are excellent for anchoring a canopy gazebo to the ground. You don’t need to get a professional to do it;

You can do it yourself by filling the tent weight bags with sand and anchor them to the gazebo post. The additional weight from the tent bag weight will hold the canopy, thus preventing an uplift from the wind.

Install Atop Concrete

Installing atop concrete is the best option for you if you want to keep your canopy from blowing away. Atop concreting is excellent for people who don’t want their concrete floor drilled.

If you’re going to make your canopy gazebo permanent, then you should try concreting your gazebo post. You will only need large buckets or flower vases and a cement mix.

Get four large buckets and set them at the canopy base,  lift the gazebo and place the post inside the bucket. It’s advisable not to carry it alone; you can ask your friends or neighbours to help you.

After placing the gazebo stand inside the buckets, fill the buckets with a cement mixture and allow it to harden. This method will keep your gazebo from blowing away by the wind.

Drilling into Concrete

Drilling the gazebo post into concrete is the most effective and reliable way to keep a gazebo from blowing away on concrete. The concrete wedge anchor helps to hold it from the upward force of the wind. Homeowners who want to keep their gazebo permanent should consider drilling their gazebo into the concrete.

This method requires a concrete wedge anchor, hammer and a hammer drill. Use the hammer drill to make a hole at the base of the gazebo post. Then, hammer the concrete wedge anchor into the hole to hold it in place.

Filling with Sand

Homeowners can keep a Pop-up gazebo from blowing away on concrete by filling the pot with sand. This method is easy to do; all you need is a shovel, four large buckets, grains of sand, gravel and water.

With the help of other people, lift the gazebo and place the gazebo post inside the buckets. Use the shovel to fill the buckets with sand, gravel and add the water to make them firm.

Exercise Weight

In areas with the wind, exercise weight is good or keeping a pop-up gazebo from blowing on concrete. Place the weight at the base of the post to hold the canopy in place.

Tying the Gazebo 

Homeowners can tie their canopy with a  robe to their garden fence, to a pole or other gazebos to keep it from blowing away. 


Homeowners can keep their gazebo from blowing away on concrete by using a tent weight, drilling into concrete and filling the pavilion post with sand.

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