How to Decorate Your Gazebo on a Budget

How to decorate your gazebo on a budget

Are you searching for affordable ways to decorate your gazebo on a budget? Perhaps you’re planning a party and want to decorate your gazebo, but you don’t have enough money. The good news is you can decorate your outdoor structure without spending too much. This write-up contains ideas on how you can decorate your gazebo without breaking the bank. Let’s consider ways on how to decorate your gazebo on a budget.

Ways to Decorate Your Gazebo on a Budget

If you want to decorate your gazebo, there are ways to do that without spending much. Decorating your outdoor structure will give it a sophisticated look that you will want to show off to your visitors. If you want to adorn your structure without breaking the bank, below are ways you can do that. 

Add String Lights

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One way you can decorate your gazebo on a budget is by using string lights. String lights are not expensive to purchase. They are affordable and good for improving the look of your structure. Add the lights to your gazebo to make it sparkle. Attach the string lights under your gazebo roof and pillars. You can also attach some around the entrance of your gazebo. 

A good thing about string lights is that they are versatile. You can use the lights to create any design on your gazebo. If you want to write something in your structure, you can use the string lights to form words. Your guests, especially the kids, will be delighted to party in a gazebo with strings of lights. The string of lights will make your gazebo look inviting, making it the focal point in your backyard. It will also turn up your party mood making you feel like partying all day. 

Go Bold With Colours

Another way to decorate your gazebo on a budget is by using bold colours. Bold colour can accentuate your gazebo design. It can also increase its visual appeal. Bold colours are not only limited to painting. If you have wall decor or art, you can add them to your gazebo. Don’t forget the flowers, too; use flowers with brilliant colours to draw attention to your structure. If you are using potted flowers, don’t stick to using the pot with one colour. Opt for pots with different colours or patterns. You will be amazed at how your gazebo will look when you have finished decorating it.

Get Glowing with Lanterns

How to decorate a gazebo on a budget

Lanterns are great for sparkling the look of your gazebo. They are also affordable, making it easier for gazebo owners who are on a low budget. Place lanterns in your gazebo or use a rope to hang them on your post. You can also hang lanterns on the ceiling to get a more glowing effect. A good thing about lantern decor is that you can do it yourself. You can use household materials like cans, bottles, glass jars and more to make decorative lanterns. Besides that, you can also paint the lanterns a colour that will match your gazebo design. With lanterns, you can decorate your gazebo on a budget.

Use Plants to Decorate Your Gazebo

Using plants is an excellent way to decorate your gazebo on a budget. Flowers are known to add beauty to the environment. Adding flowers to your gazebo will increase its visual appearance. It is an affordable way for those who are on a low budget to style up their gazebo. 

There are different ways to use plants to boost your gazebo appearance. You can use flowers to adorn your gazebo pillars or use them to form an arch on the doorpost. You can also arrange potted flowers in your gazebo or hang planters with flowers on your gazebo pillars. If you are having a wedding party, you can place a potted flower on each table centre. Use flowers with bright colours to make your gazebo pop. 

Apart from that, you can also use vines to decorate your gazebo. Allow the vines to cling to your gazebo pillars and roof. Vines are a cheap and easy way to decorate your gazebo on a budget. Additionally, you can make use of garlands.  Attach garlands around your gazebo railings and pillars to make it look beautiful.


There are different ways you can decorate your gazebo on a budget. You can use flowers, lanterns, and string lights to boost the appearance of your gazebo. In addition, you can use bold colours to make your structure visually appealing.








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