6 Tips on How to Decorate Your Gazebo For A Wedding

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How can you decorate your gazebo for a wedding? The gazebo is great for holding outdoor events such as weddings. Having your wedding in a gazebo can look classy, especially if you decorate the gazebo. The right gazebo wedding decorations will add elegance to your wedding. If you are planning your wedding or that of your child, sibling or niece, you can use a gazebo. Here is how to decorate your gazebo for a wedding party.

Decorating Gazebo For a Wedding

You can decorate your gazebo for a wedding by yourself. This write-up will teach you how to beautify your wedding gazebo. Let’s consider a few of the ways you can decorate a gazebo in preparation for your big day.

Decorate Your Gazebo With Flower Basket

Flower baskets are easy for decorating a gazebo for a wedding. You can get small baskets in stores and add some colourful flowers inside. Use a rope to hang the basket on your gazebo pillars. You can also place baskets with flowers on the tables. The flower baskets will make your structure look more appealing than before. It is a simple way to decorate your gazebo for a wedding ceremony.

Add Pillars to Your Gazebo

White pillars are great for weddings. It can enhance the look of your gazebo. You can always rent the pillars from a decor store. A minimum of two pillars are enough for decorating your gazebo. Get the two pillars and place one on each side of your gazebo entrance. The pillars will make your gazebo look appealing, thereby setting the mood for a wedding. You can even place a flower basket on each of the pillars to make it more appealing.

Use Balloons to Decorate Your Gazebo

How to decorate your gazebo for a wedding

Balloons are also great if you want to decorate your gazebo for a wedding. It will increase the visual appearance of your gazebo.  Balloons are available in different colours that you can use. Just ensure you choose a balloon colour that will match your wedding theme. You can even choose to mix the balloon colour if you want a more attractive look. 

A good thing about balloons is that they are affordable. It is an affordable way you can use to adorn your structure in preparation for the wedding. Get some balloons from the store and inflate them. You can then tie the tip with a string or ribbons and use it to decorate your gazebo. Tie the balloon around your gazebo pillars. You can even attach some of the balloons to the top of your gazebo entrance or use them to create an arch on the entrance. The colour of the balloons will give your structure a stunning appearance.

Add Lightning to Your Gazebo

How to decorate your gazebo for a wedding

Adding lights to your gazebo in preparation for a wedding can help create a glowing scene. It will brighten your structure, making it look more appealing. There are several ways you can illuminate your gazebo for a wedding. You can make use of string lights to decorate the interior of your gazebo. String light bulbs are also great for decorating your gazebo exterior.  

Apart from string lights, you can also make candles. Candles are great for romantic settings like weddings. It can lighten your mood, thus making you feel happy. You can make use of led candles and candle lanterns to decorate your gazebo. In addition, you can hang the lanterns on your gazebo or place them on tables. You can even place some candle light on the altar area or line them on the aisle to create a grand entrance. 

Hang Garlands in Your Gazebo

Hanging garlands is an easy way to decorate a gazebo for a wedding. Gazebo owners can use synthetic garlands to decorate their gazebo interior. You can use clips to attach the garlands to the gazebo pillars, columns and around the railings. Apart from that, you can also create an arch with the garlands on the gazebo entrance. You can also hang multiple strands of the garlands right under the gazebo roof.

Use Fabric to Decorate the Gazebo

Fabrics are great for decorating gazebos for weddings. You can make use of fabric like tulle or voile to decorate your gazebo. Use the fabrics as drapes for the gazebo walls. Attach the drapes to the gazebo wall with a rope or pin. You can also use the fabric to cover under the gazebo roof. White colours are best for weddings; they blend well with the gazebo. You can also use the fabric colour of your choice as long as it complements your wedding theme.


You can decorate your gazebo for a wedding in different ways. You can make use of garlands, balloons, and candle lanterns to make your gazebo attractive. Additionally, you can use garlands and fabrics to drape your gazebo. 


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