How Much Wind Can the Gazebo Withstand?

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Outdoor structures like the gazebo can be prone to damages by the elements. If you don’t anchor your gazebo, bad weather conditions like the wind can blow a gazebo off the ground. But some kind of gazebo can withstand the wind; let’s first talk about the gazebo before discussing how much wind can the gazebo withstand.

What is a Gazebo?

The gazebo is an outdoor structure with a solid or soft top; its sides may be open or partially closed. You can also enclose the gazebo side with a screen wall for added protection against the elements. Gazebo makers used wood like redwood, cedarwood, pines, bamboo and more to make a gazebo. If you don’t like a wooden gazebo, the builder can use metals like aluminium, wrought iron, iron cast and steel to make a metal gazebo. You can also use materials like vinyl and concrete in making a gazebo. 

Homeowners can build or buy a gazebo in their backyard; they can also install the gazebo in their garden. The gazebo is an outdoor structure that can enhance the environment; a gazebo in the home can make your house look attractive compared to a house without a gazebo. Installing a quality gazebo in you can increase your property worth; it increases your property worth by adding value to your home. There are varieties of gazebo you can buy; some gazebo types are permanent and can withstand the wind, while you need to anchor others to keep the wind from lifting the gazebo away from the ground.  

Types of Gazebo That Can Withstand the Wind

How much wind can the gazebo withstand

You can classify a gazebo by its roof type; there is the hardtop gazebo and the soft top gazebo.

The hardtop Gazebo

 The hardtop gazebo are permanent types of gazebos compared to the soft top gazebo; builders make the roof and framework of the hardtop gazebo with solid material. They are mostly round, rectangular, hexagonal, octagonal or dodecahedron in shape. These materials can withstand various climates; the hardtop gazebo is heavy and cannot be blown away by the wind. If you have a hardtop gazebo, you can use it for several years with proper maintenance. You don’t need to anchor a hardtop gazebo; gazebo builders create the hardtop gazebo to withstand any weather conditions.

The Soft Top Gazebo

Unlike the hardtop gazebo, gazebo makers create this soft top gazebo with a light metal framework and a soft roof cover. The soft top gazebo has a canvas or polyester roof supported by four or more posts depending on the gazebo size. You can use a soft-top gazebo for several purposes; if you are an individual that loves outdoor activities, you can carry your gazebo along to whatever you are going.

Gazebo makers build the soft top gazebo so that you fold it into a portable size when not used. The soft top gazebo is easy to put up; you can put it up by yourself quickly in minutes, depending on the gazebo size; because of the light framework of the soft top gazebo, you need to anchor it to the ground since it can’t withstand various climate conditions. Most soft top gazebos come with standard rope and pegs to hold the gazebo down.

How Much Wind a Gazebo Can Withstand

The hardtop gazebo can withstand any amount of wind because it is a permanent structure. You can stay inside your gazebo when it’s windy; for added protection, you can enclose your gazebo with a screen. Compared to the hardtop gazebo, the soft top gazebo can not withstand the wind; hence the gazebo is provided with standard guy rope and pegs for anchoring its sides to the ground. Because the soft top gazebo is for occasional use, gazebo makers did not design it to hold down much wind. 

An exception is the heavy-duty pop-up gazebos; they are a type of soft top gazebo with a strong metal framework. It can withstand the wind compared to other soft tops gazebo types, although they still need to be anchored to the ground. To hold your gazebo down, you can use a ratchet strap and heavy duty pegs in addition to the standard rope and peg. You can also use sandbags, exercise weight and planters filled with concrete to anchor your gazebo in windy areas.


The gazebo can withstand any amount of wind if it is a hardtop gazebo. If you own a soft top gazebo, you need to anchor it with weights or ropes and pegs for it to withstand the wind. It is vital to anchor a soft top gazebo since it can not withstand much wind. 

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