How Much Weight Do I Need to Hold Down a Gazebo?

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The amount of weight you will need to hold down a gazebo is crucial to prevent your gazebo from blowing away. Gazebo weight helps hold the gazebo down in bad climate areas with lots of wind. Knowing the exact amount of weight to hold down your gazebo will keep your gazebo in place when the wind blows.

Permanent Gazebo

Permanent gazebos are less prone to damages; they can not be blown away by the wind. You can easily identify the Permanent gazebo with its shape and solid roof. The permanent gazebos are strong and heavy; you don’t need to hold them down with weight. 

Builders created the permanent gazebo in such a way that the wind can not easily blow it away. Gazebo makers build the permanent gazebo with materials like wood, steel, aluminium and vinyl. You can use a permanent gazebo for decades since the materials can withstand any climate conditions. 

Temporary Gazebo

Unlike the permanent gazebo, temporary gazebos are prone to damage by the wind. The temporary gazebo is lightweight, making it easier for it to be blown away by the wind. This type of gazebo needs additional weight to hold it down and keep it in place when it blows. You can recognise a temporary gazebo easily with its soft roof, unlike the permanent belvedere. 

The temporary gazebo is portable, and you can set it up easily in your home, garden or any open space. Easy up canopy, pop-up gazebo, garden canopy, canopy gazebo, promotional marquees and instant canopy are an example of the temporary gazebo. 

How to Hold a Gazebo Down 

How much weight do I need to hold down a gazebo

Ratchet Straps and Heavy Duty Pegs

In addition to the standard guy rope and peg used in holding down your gazebo, you can use the ratchet strap and heavy-duty pegs. They provide extra support with the gazebo, thus preventing it from being blown away.

Tying the Gazebo

If your gazebo is close to other structures, you can secure the gazebo by tying it down. Get a bungee cord and tie your gazebo post to a wall, pillar, pole or building. If you are not close to any of the above mentioned, you can tie the gazebo to a car or railings. Applying this method to anchor your canopy will keep it from blowing away.

Exercise Weights

 Exercise weight is good for holding down a gazebo when the wind is blowing. Exercise weight comes in different sizes; you can place the iron weight on each gazebo post base. The exercise weight has extra stability that can prevent the wind from lifting your canopy. 

Sand Bags

Gazebo owners can use sandbags to anchor their gazebo. Get four sandbags, fill them with sand or stones, place one bag each at the base of each gazebo post. Depending on how large the sandbags are, you can get a weight of 12kg to 25kg.

The Amount of Weight You Need To Hold Down a Gazebo

Anchoring your gazebo should be your number-one priority if you are using the canopy in an open area. The number of weights you will need to hold down your gazebo will depend on the weather conditions in your area. Now for the question of how much weight you need to hold down a gazebo? The most important thing is the total weight on each leg of the gazebo. Depending on how large the gazebo is, the more weight to the gazebo leg, the more secure the gazebo will be.

Gazebo experts recommend you use at least 40 pounds on each corner of a 10m x 10m tent; double that on a 10m x 20m tent, keep increasing for a large gazebo size. If you are not using sand weight or metal weight, the more tie points you can create with a strap and peg, the more secure your gazebo will be.

 On typical days when the wind isn’t blowing, you can use one weight each on the gazebo leg. You can use a sandbag or exercise weight to hold down your gazebo.

Gazebo owners can also use the standard guy rope and peg provided to anchor the gazebo to the ground. On a day that the wind is blowing mildly, you can use two weights on each leg to keep the gazebo stable. If the gazebo remains unstable after adding two weights per leg, keep adding more weight till it remains stable. Once the wind is getting stronger, it is advisable to remove the gazebo’s sidewalls and put the gazebo down. Put the gazebo down immediately and run to safety.


The amount of weight you will need to hold down a gazebo will depend on the size of the gazebo you have. It also depends on how hard the wind blows in your area. On a typical day with no wind, you should use 40 pounds weight on each gazebo post.

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