How Much Does it Cost to Build a Gazebo?


The amount it cost to build a gazebo depends on several reasons. If you are eager to build a gazebo in your home or garden, it is vital to know the cost price. To know the amount to budget, you should know everything about the gazebo and how much it costs to build a gazebo.

What is a Gazebo?

The gazebo is a freestanding or a lean-to structure; it is the most common outdoor structure in homes because of its value. You can build a gazebo in any shape, size and with any material of your choice. Builders categorise the belvedere in two types, the hardtop gazebo as well as a soft-top gazebo.

 The hardtop gazebo has a solid roof, while the soft top gazebo has a soft roof. A gazebo has open or partially closed sides, and if you are the kind that wants added coverage, you can attach a screen wall or curtain to the gazebo. Building a belvedere in your open space is the best decision to make if you want to make your home luxurious.

Gazebo Cost by Size

How much does it cost to build a gazebo

The size of the gazebo can determine how much money it will cost you to build one. The bigger a structure, the greater the amount of money a person will expend in constructing the structure. Gazebos vary in size; the cost to build a small size gazebo will differ from that of a big size gazebo and vice-versa. 

The gazebo has a size of 8ft x 8ft(64 sq.ft), 9ft x 9ft (81 sq.ft), and also a large size 10ft x 10ft (100 sq.ft), 12ft x 12ft(144 sq.ft) and more. If you would like to build a gazebo, you should choose a size that will fit your budget. To build a gazebo, you should expect to pay a builder an estimate of £75 – £100 per square footage.

Gazebo Cost by Shape

 The shape of the gazebo can have an impact on the cost price. Some gazebo shapes are easy to build, while some might be a little bit complex. Builders have different shapes that suit the gazebo structure. A gazebo can be round or circular; it can also have a square or rectangular shape. If you don’t like those shapes, you can decide to build your gazebo in a hexagonal, octagonal or dodecahedron shape.

For a round or circular gazebo with no sides, expect to pay a builder an average cost of £3,000. If you like a square or rectangular shape gazebo, the average cost to budget is £3,000. A Hexagonal gazebo and octagonal gazebo will cost more than the round or rectangular gazebo because of the numbers of sides. If you like your gazebo to be hexagonal or octagonal shape, expect to pay an average cost of £5,000. 

A dodecahedron gazebo has 12 sides and can be very expensive to build, often costing more than three times the cost of a circular gazebo and twice the octagonal gazebo cost. You should expect to pay a gazebo builder an average cost of £10,000.

Gazebo Cost by Material

There is a wide range of materials you can use to build a gazebo. The kind of material you choose for your gazebo will determine how much it cost to build a gazebo. There are a lot of materials you can choose from, ranging from wood, metals and vinyl. 

Wood is the most common material homeowners choose in building their gazebo. There are various kinds of wood you can use to construct a gazebo. The most common wood used by builders in constructing a gazebo is pressure-treated pine and cedarwood. While pressure-treated pines are less expensive when compared to cedar, you will need an average cost of £4,800 to build a pine gazebo. Cedarwood will cost you about £6,000 to build a gazebo.

Metal is another kind of material you can use in building a gazebo. There are metals like steel, aluminium, cast iron and iron wrought. Steel gazebo is highly durable and requires little maintenance; you should expect to pay about £7,000 for building a steel gazebo. For an aluminium gazebo, the sum of money you should budget should be about £4,500. 

Iron cast metals have high durability and require little maintenance; the average amount to budget for an iron cast gazebo is £5,300. While wrought iron is less expensive than other metals, it will cost you about £3,000 to build a wrought iron gazebo.

Vinyl is a long-lasting material and requires little maintenance. Because vinyl is expensive, the cost price to build a vinyl gazebo is around £6,800.

Labour Cost of the Gazebo

Labour cost in constructing a gazebo will depend on the number of days a builder uses in building the gazebo. It also depends on the number of builders you hire to construct the gazebo. You should expect to pay an average cost of £250 per day for labour.


The amount it costs to build a gazebo varies, and it’s dependent on the gazebo size, shape, material and labour cost.

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