How Much Does a Screened IN Gazebo Cost?


 A screened-in gazebo is a perfect gazebo if you want to keep the wind and rain at bay. The screen cover allows you to enjoy the outdoor view of your gazebo without obstruction while protecting you from the elements. If you want a screen for your gazebo, you should know how much a screened-in gazebo will cost you.


The gazebo provides a shady spot for you outdoor; you can sit all day outside in your gazebo. If you are not familiar with a gazebo, the gazebo is simply a type of outdoor structure with a solid or soft roof. You can find the gazebo in a park, garden and backyard of houses.  Anyone can identify a gazebo by its architectural design; it is a mostly circular, octagonal, hexagonal, square or rectangular shape. 

Gazebo owners can partially cover the gazebo sides with wood or other materials. If you want a gazebo in your yard, you can buy it in kit form or choose to have a builder build it for you from scratch. Depending on material choice, you can build a gazebo with brick, wood, metal or vinyl. You can also classify the gazebo by the roof material, the hardtop gazebo and the soft top gazebo. 

The hardtop gazebos are permanent structures that can last for several years. While the soft top gazebo is suitable for seasonal use, you can only use it when the weather is favourable. You can install a screen wall on the sides of the hardtop or a permanent gazebo. Most soft top gazebo kits come with a screen side cover, and you can also purchase the cover separately. 

Homeowners can make the gazebo lean to a wall or building, and you can also make it a freestanding structure. Some homeowners who want an extra side covered can choose to install a screen wall for the gazebo. Gazebo makers can attach a screen to a wooden gazebo; they can also attach a screen to a metal and vinyl gazebo. 

The Screened In Gazebo 

How much does a screened-in gazebo cost

Whether your gazebo is a metal, vinyl or wood framework, a screen wall on your gazebo will make it look attractive. A screened-in gazebo in your house can make your home look more beautiful and add value to your property. You can choose to buy the gazebo kit with the screen and have it installed in your garden. And if you have a gazebo in your home already but want a screen wall for the gazebo, you can also have an expert fix the screen for you.

  Installing the screen on your gazebo doesn’t take a long time. It might take a day to put a screen on your gazebo, but you should have an expert do it for you. Fixing a screen wall in your gazebo allows you to spend time inside your gazebo without getting worried about insects. So, if you are the type that is allergic to an insect bite, you can comfortably sit inside a screened gazebo. The screen cover is also the perfect choice for you if you live in an environment infested with mosquitoes. You can stay outdoors at night without being bitten by mosquitoes.

 Apart from keeping the insect away, a screened-in gazebo can protect you against the elements. It protects you from the wind; it can also prevent the wind from splashing water inside the gazebo while it rains. A screened-in gazebo can keep you warm in winter; you can comfortably sit inside with a heater and enjoy your winter outdoors.

The screen also provides some form of privacy, making it a perfect place to relax if you want some quiet time.  A screen-in gazebo in your home is a perfect spot to spend a lovely time with your loved ones. Enjoy a quiet romantic evening meal with your date inside a screened-in gazebo.  The enclosed gazebo is the perfect place to spend your time, relax and enjoy the outdoors in any weather.

The Cost of a Screened In Gazebo 

If you are planning to install a screen wall for your gazebo, the installation cost will depend on the size of how large your gazebo is. For instance, the amount of money it will require to fix a screen wall for a small-sized gazebo of 10m x 10m will differ from a bigger size gazebo of 14m x 14m. Then the style of the gazebo too can affect the cost price to fix a screened wall in the gazebo. So, if you plan to have a screened-in gazebo, you should budget a few hundred pounds for the price of your gazebo kit.


The screened-in gazebo cost price varies, and it depends on the size and the style of the gazebo.

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