How Long Does it Take to Put Up a Gazebo?

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When we talk about how long it takes to put up a gazebo, we refer to the minutes, hours or days. There are varieties of gazebos, and how long it will take to install them varies. Gazebo makers design some types of belvedere in such a way that you can put up quickly, while others might take a while. For you to know how long it will take to install a gazebo, let’s first discuss the various types of gazebo.

Types of Gazebo

Temporary Gazebo

If you are looking for a gazebo that you can put up quickly on your own; the temporary gazebo is a kind of belvedere that will suit your needs. Builders make temporary gazebos with lightweight materials; they design this kind of belvedere in such a way that you can carry it easily to anywhere you want. Canopies, tents, pop-up gazebo all fall in the category of the temporary kind of gazebo. You can skillfully put up a canopy gazebo yourself or with the help of two or more partners depending on the size of the canopy you have.

How long Will it Take to Put Up a Temporary Gazebo?

Gazebo makers make temporary gazebos to be reduced to a compact size and set up easily. The lightweight material makes it easier for you to lift it while setting it up. You can put up a temporary gazebo without any difficulties, and it can take a few minutes to put up a canopy, tent, marquees or pop-up gazebo. 

The size and type of temporary gazebo you have can impact the duration it will take for you to put it up. For example, tents use by campers for sleeping at night can be put up in a minute. If you want to put up a pop-up canopy on your own without a partner’s help, it will take you 4-6 minutes. But with the help of a partner or two, it will take you 2-3 minutes.

Permanent Gazebo 

As the name suggests, the permanent gazebo type is a kind of belvedere that homeowners build or install for permanent use. You can not put up this kind of gazebo easily when compared to the temporary type of gazebo. Gazebo makers build a permanent gazebo with material that is heavy and difficult to lift by a person. 

Permanent belvedere is also known as hardtop gazebo; gazebo makers create this kind of gazebo with materials like wood, aluminium, steel or vinyl. These materials can withstand favourable and unfavourable climate conditions; hence homeowners can use them throughout the year. The permanent belvedere is a type of outdoor structure found in the backyard of houses, parks, gardens or an open area. 

How long Will it Take to Put Up a Permanent Gazebo?

It can take 1-2 days to install a permanent belvedere in your house or garden. The number of people you hire to build your gazebo can even hasten the time it will take to put the gazebo up. It might take longer for a person to put up a permanent gazebo depending on the design and type. When you have two or more people on the ground, the duration of putting up the gazebo will be shorter. You should have a gazebo professional put up a gazebo for you in your garden or house. To avoid injury, ensure you take safety precautions when installing your gazebo.

Additional Factors that Determines How Long it Takes to Put Up a Gazebo

How long does it take to put up a gazebo

If you plan to install a gazebo in your backyard or garden, what form of gazebo do you plan to buy? Gazebos can come in kits and you can also prefer to build the gazebo from scratch.

Building Gazebo From the Scratch /Gazebo Kits

Gazebo kits come in various sizes and designs you can choose. The kits are easy to assemble on your own, or you can choose a gazebo maker to help you with the installation. Gazebo kits are ready-made and easy to install; they include pre-drilled holes and pre-cut wood or metal, depending on the material type. The kits also consist of a manual that instructs you on fitting all the pieces together. The instructions will make installing the gazebo less difficult for you.

Your skill level can affect the duration it will take for you to install the gazebo kit. Also, the type of gazebo you purchase can affect how fast you can install the it. With the help of a partner or two, it will take you 1-2 days to put up a gazebo kit. It is also recommendable to have a gazebo expert to help you put up the gazebo. When compared to purchasing a gazebo kit, building a gazebo from scratch might take longer.

The Size

Gazebo comes in different sizes, and the time it will take for you to put up the gazebo will vary according to the size. While a smaller gazebo might be quick to put up, a larger gazebo size might take a while. You need to have the gazebo size in mind when considering how long it will take to put it up.


How long it takes to put a gazebo up depends on the type of gazebo, the size and the number of people that want to install it. 

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