How Long Does a Hardtop Gazebo Last?

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A hardtop gazebo can last long, it can also add value to your garden; building a hardtop gazebo can easily enhance your backyard aesthetics. If you would like to have a hardtop gazebo in your open space, you can choose various materials. The material you choose can also determine how long a hardtop gazebo lasts.

What is a Hardtop Gazebo?

A gazebo top can shade you from the sun on a hot day; it can also keep you from getting soaked when it is raining. The gazebo top can be hard or soft, depending on the type of material you use in roofing the gazebo. Homeowners who want protection against the elements commonly build a gazebo with a hardtop in their garden.

A gazebo is an outdoor structure used by homeowners who want to relax while enjoying the cool breeze. The sculptural and architectural design of a gazebo can enhance your house, thus improving your property worth. Homeowners can build a gazebo in their backyard, the garden or any open space. You can also choose a hard or soft top as the roof of your outdoor structure, depending on the kind of gazebo you want.

A hardtop gazebo is a type of gazebo in which a gazebo maker uses a strong material to make it. Hardtop gazebos are an excellent choice if you want a gazebo you can use all year long. A hardtop gazebo is long-lasting compared to a soft top gazebo. They are permanent and can withstand any temperature changes. You can use a hardtop gazebo in warm weather and also in snowy and cold weather.

Types of Hardtop Gazebo Materials 

How long does a hardtop gazebo last

The type of material you use in building a gazebo will determine its strength and weakness. Gazebo makers build hardtop gazebo with high-quality materials that can not be easily prone to damage. Wood and metals are the most common materials used by gazebo owners in roofing their gazebo. Builders can use polycarbonate which is also known as thermoplastics to make a hardtop gazebo.


Gazebo makers usually build the traditional gazebo with timber. Woods like cedar, pressure-treated pines, and redwood are long-lasting. You can use these types of wood to make a hardtop gazebo. A gazebo with a wooden top can withstand bad climate conditions. It is good for use in snowy, windy and areas with high rainfall. 

Although aside from rain, wind, and snow, woods can get damaged by termites. But with proper maintenance, a wooden hardtop gazebo can last for 15 years upward. You can prevent the wood from damaging by oiling and also coating it with stains or sealers.


A hardtop metal gazebo is lightweight and highly durable; gazebo makers use metals like aluminium and steel in building a hardtop gazebo. A hardtop gazebo made with metal is less prone to damage and can last for 30 years upward. You won’t find holes, cracks or loose shingles if you use a metal top. Builders can shape metal to look like any roof; metals like aluminium and steel are the most common kind. Aluminium and steel are strong metals; builders can shape them to look like a tile or slate roof.

The aluminium hardtop gazebos are long-lasting; it does not rust nor corrodes easily with proper maintenance. Metals are less prone to damages from the elements; you can use them in sunny and cold weather.


Polycarbonate roofs are extremely durable; builders can mould them to different shapes. Gazebo makers use polycarbonate as a hardtop for gazebos because they are strong and long-lasting. Polycarbonate roofs are of two types, the clear and foam-backed polycarbonate roofing.

The clear polycarbonate roof is transparent, lightweight and durable. It can be crystal clear or tinted with a protective film layer at the top that protects against ultraviolet radiation. Clear polycarbonate roofs are less prone to damage because they can not crack or leak. The foam-back polycarbonate roof resembles a metal roof, but it’s lighter in weight. It also has an ultraviolet protection coating like the clear roof.

A polycarbonate hardtop gazebo can withstand temperature changes; they are good for use throughout the year. The Polycarbonate hardtop gazebo is a permanent structure and can last for 20 years upwards.


A hardtop gazebo can last for several years; they are permanent, and you can use it all year long. The hardtop gazebo can withstand temperature change; builders can use materials like wood, metal, and polycarbonate for making a hardtop gazebo.

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