Does the Pergola Provide a lot of Shade?

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You might have wondered if the pergola provides a lot of shade, probably because of the roof. The pergola is one of the most common outdoor structures used by homeowners to enjoy their leisure time outside.

The pergola is a beautiful structure you can use for anything you imagine; the amount of shade the typical pergola can provide depends on the beam’s size and spacing. If you still have doubt whether a pergola can provide a lot of shade, this article is for you.

Ways to Provide Shade for Your Pergola

Does the pergola provide a lot of shade

A pergola can shade you from the sun but won’t give you the full coverage you want. The beam on the pergola provides partial coverage from sunlight while enjoying the cool breeze. If you want your pergola to provide a lot of shade from the sun, consider the various ways below to shade your pergola.

Grow Vines at the Top

You can add a shade to your pergola using a climbing plant with thick lush and blossom. A typical pergola has a lattice top that you can use to support climbing plants. These plants grow to the top of the structure, thus serving as a shade to the pergola. Homeowners can grow climbing plants like wisteria, rose, clematis, honeysuckle in their pergola. 

You can train these plants to intertwine with the pergola structure. The leaves of the plant can shade you from the sun in summer and allows sunlight to shine through during falls and cold seasons. Climbing plants aren’t good when it comes to rain protection; they are an excellent option in areas where there is limited rainfall.


Lattice panels are affordable and easy to maintain; it’s a good option for your pergola. Pergola makers design the lattice in such a way that it is appealing to the eyes. The lattice roof provides partial coverage as it does not completely shade you from the sun. The gaps between the top allow sunlight to penetrate while you enjoy the fresh air in the pergola. The lattice cover is an excellent choice for homeowners who want partial coverage.

Leaves and Reed

If you want your pergola to have this traditional look, you can use leaves or reed as a shade for your pergola. You can use a long straw, waterweed, coconut leaves, reed mat and more as a shade. It is an excellent choice in hot weather if you want protection against the sun. You can relax in the shade without the sun getting into your eyes.

Bamboo Sticks

Pergola owners can use bamboo sticks as shade for their pergola, you can do this by lining the bamboo splits on top of the pergola. This will create a natural looking shade, bamboo roofs are not waterproof hence are not good for rain protection. The bamboo shade is good for a drier climate; they provide coverage from the sun.

Retractable Cover

You can pull or drawback a retractable roof if you want sunlight to penetrate your pergola. You can also close the roof if you want full coverage of the sun. A retractable cover can protect the pergola against sun and rain. It is the best roof option if you want a shade for your pergola.

Shade Sail

Shade sails are ready-made covers for providing shade from the sun and rain. Although they are not associated with a pergola, shade sail can make a good cover. You can install a shade sail easily by tying the sail below your pergola beam. That way, it provides shade without changing the look of the pergola.


Fabrics are affordable materials for those on a low budget; fabric can shade you from the sun. Using fabric is the easiest way to provide shade for your pergola. Pergola owners can use a large fabric that will fit the top of the pergola as a sunblock. Since fabrics are not waterproof, they are only good for sun protection only as they can’t shade you from the rain’s heavy downpour. 


If you want some form of privacy from nosy neighbours while relaxing in your pergola, a curtain is a must-have. Curtains are an excellent way to create an outdoor hangout spot; a pergola with curtains are perfect for evening dates. You can install a curtain on one side of the pergola, or if you want full coverage, consider putting the curtains on both sides.


The pergola can provide a lot of shade from the sunlight; pergola makers design the lattice top to provide partial coverage. If you want your pergola to provide a lot of shade, you can use climbing plants, fabric, bamboo, and leaves. A retractable cover is also an excellent option if you want the pergola to provide a lot of shade. 

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