Does a Pergola Add Value to Your House?

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If you are sceptical as to whether a pergola can add value to your house, then this article is for you. Pergola has been increasing rapidly in recent times; homeowners who love spending their leisure time outdoors opt to build a pergola as an immediate option. But can installing a pergola in your yard add value to your house? First, what is a pergola?

What is a Pergola?

A pergola is a backyard structure with open sides and a lattice top that allows the sun and cool breeze to pass through. You can attach the pergola to your house, or you can make it freestanding. A freestanding pergola can cover a yard, deck, patio, or any open area. While a pergola attached to the house can be an extension of a living space. 

Pergolas are becoming popular due to the tremendous amount of material you can use in building a pergola. Builders often use materials like metals, wood or vinyl to make a pergola.

Why a Pergola?

The pergola is a less expensive structure you can add to your yard if you want to increase your property value. A pergola is a unique architectural structure that can add life to the landscape of your garden. The open walls of the pergola define your outdoor space without restriction. Homeowners who want an outdoor living space usually opt for a pergola.

 Pergola comes in different styles and designs and you can choose or customise a design that will suit your needs. A pergola is an outdoor structure without a roof, but you can choose to have a roof on your pergola if you wish. The pergola is the perfect outdoor structure homeowners can have in their home.

How Pergola Can Add Value to Your House

Does a pergola add value to your house

 Building outdoor structures on land and properties have been trendy in recent years. A pergola is a backyard structure that can quickly boost the value of your house when installed. The style and the sophisticated look of a pergola are so attractive to the eye. Homeowners who are looking for ways to add value to their home should consider building a pergola. 

Adding a pergola to your backyard is one way to invest in your property. You can add value to your home with a quality pergola from a financial standpoint. How do I mean? The more money you spend in your home to install a pergola, the more profit you will get if you want to sell it. Those looking to purchase a home will pay more if you have an outdoor structure like a pergola on your property. 

Since outdoor living is more popular than before, potential buyers are looking for a home with a living space. A house with an already installed pergola will be more appealing to buyers. The pergola will increase your property worth in that most buyers will be willing to pay a considerable amount of money for your property. It’s always essential to note that for something to add value to a property, it must be of good quality. Ensure your pergola is made with good material, a pergola that is not of good quality cannot add value to your property.

Uses of Pergola

Pergolas have several uses, but here are few benefits a pergola offers that can boost the value of your home.

  • You can expand your living room with a pergola; the pergola creates a fascinating environment while you relax and enjoy the cool breeze. For added coverage and privacy, you can add a retractable awning and side cover to the pergola.
  • Building a pergola in your backyard will enhance your house and can also function as a place where you can entertain or spend your leisure time with family and friends.
  • Homeowners who like gardening can use the pergola in their yard to shade flowering plants. The pergola can shade your flowers from the sun, thus preventing them from withering. And at the same time, a pergola with climbing flowers can provide a natural shade from the sun. A pergola with colourful flowers will not only make your house look beautiful but add value to your home. 
  • In hot seasons, the heat can be unbearable when you stay indoor. But with a pergola in your house, you can stay cool outside. The way the pergola is structured allows fresh air to flow from different angles, making you feel refreshed.


Constructing a pergola in your yard can add value to your house by increasing its property worth. Since outdoor living is trending, homeowners can invest in their property by adding a pergola to their house.

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