Do Pergolas Block the Sun?

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You might have wondered if pergolas can block the sun because of their lattice or slatted top. The pergola is quite different from other outdoor structures in the way a builder constructed it. The lattice top of a typical pergola makes it seem as if the pergola isn’t good at shading you from the sun. You may even have some doubts and wonder if the pergola blocks the sun.

 What is a Pergola?

A pergola is an outdoor structure secured to the ground with a post and crossbeam with an open lattice roof. A typical pergola has a lattice or slatted top, and it can be freestanding or attached to a building. You can build a pergola to cover outdoor seating areas, patio, walkways, a lounge and more.

There are many choices to make if you want to build a pergola in your yard. You may want your pergola to be freestanding or attached to your house. The size of the column, colour and how large you want your pergola are things worth considering. You may also want to install a canopy or adjustable roof on your pergola if you want more coverage.

Pergola Roof

The pergola roof has gaps between it; these gaps allow sunlight to shine through the pergola. Although the pergola doesn’t have a full roof like a gazebo, it still provides some shade through the beam’s pattern. Lattice roof provides relief from direct sunlight while allowing the flow of fresh air. 

The roof directs the air downward, making the pergola an ideal place for you to relax. A pergola roof is great for beating the heat and keeping you cool depending on where you locate your pergola; the partial coverage and the cool air can keep the temperature comfortable.

Can Pergola Block the Sun?

A typical pergola with a lattice roof can not block you completely from the sun. If you want your pergola to shade you completely from the sun, consider installing a roof that can block the sun from shining through the pergola.

A retractable or adjustable roof is excellent for pergolas; the roof allows you to control the amount of sunlight you want. The retractable roof features a motor that can move the lattice until they interlock and create a full coverage roof. 

Pergola owners can choose to open the roof if you want the sun to shine through. You can also control the retractable roof with the press of a button. When you press the button, you can switch between a pergola with a roof and a pergola without a roof.

A retractable roof can shade you from the elements, and it is also easy to install. If you install a retractable awning on your pergola, you will be able to sit in your pergola anytime of the day.

Types of Pergola Cover

Do pergolas block the sun

Lattice Cover

Many people add lattice to their pergola to make a vertical garden easier. The lattice provides support for flowering plants like vines to grow on. These plants also provide shade to the pergola structure.

Fabric Cover

You can sew a fabric cover and place it on your pergola to shade you from the sun. A fabric cover is easy to install and remove when not used. You can roll up and store the fabric in a dry place when not in use.

Retractable Cover

A retractable pergola awning can provide full coverage of your pergola from the sun. You can also choose to open it if you want sunlight to shine through.

Benefits of Owning a Pergola

Building a pergola with architectural designs in your yard can enhance or add value to your home. If you plan to sell your house, a pergola can increase your property’s worth and boost sales. 

Sitting a pergola on your deck is a perfect setting for entertaining visitors. You can enjoy your dinner outdoors in your pergola with your friends and family. For added shade and privacy, you can cover the sides with curtains and install a canopy or retractable awning.

A pergola can serve as a medium in displaying the beauty of your flowering plants. You can place climbing plants like wisteria and grapevines on your pergola; these plants will find their way to the top, serving as a cover to your pergola. Gardeners can also hang potted plants on the pergola; these plants beautify your pergola, making it look like part of your garden.


A typical pergola can not block the sun completely; it can only provide relief from direct sunlight. You can customise a pergola to suit your needs by installing a retractable roof that provides full coverage from the sun.

The retractable roof allows you to open the pergola top if you want to enjoy the weather and also close the top if you want protection against the elements. Having a pergola in your yard can add value to your home and can serve as a medium for displaying your flowers.

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