Do I Need to Anchor My Gazebo?

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When you buy a gazebo, most of the gazebo comes with an anchoring kit to secure the gazebo. Some gazebo owners see no reason to anchor their gazebo; others find securing the gazebo as additional stress. Anchoring a gazebo has its benefit; read to see why you need to anchor a gazebo.

What is a Gazebo?

Gazebos are outdoor structures that provide shade and shelter. They are good for use in the park, garden or an open area. You can use a canopy gazebo for outdoor events like weddings, sports events, trade shows, family gatherings and more. 

Types of Gazebo 

Gazebo experts categorised the gazebo into two different types.

Permanent Gazebo

You can easily identify the Permanent gazebo with its hard roof; they are strong and long-lasting. Gazebo makers build the permanent gazebo with material like wood, steel, aluminium and vinyl. Builders created the permanent gazebo in such a way that the wind can not easily blow it away. You can use a permanent gazebo for decades since the materials can withstand any climate conditions. 

Temporary Gazebo

Temporary gazebos are for temporary or occasional use. Gazebo experts create temporary gazebo with light materials; hence they are portable and easy to carry. You can recognise a temporary gazebo easily with its soft roof, unlike the permanent belvedere. Easy up canopy, pop-up gazebo, promotional marquees and instant canopy are an example of the temporary gazebo. The lightweight of this gazebo type makes it easy for it to be prone to damage. If not anchored, the wind will lift the gazebo off the ground.

Why You Should Anchor the Gazebo

A gazebo blown by the wind can cause injury to people in the canopy and its surroundings. The upthrust from the wind can also damage the gazebo; hence it needs to be anchored. Anchoring your gazebo is vital, especially in windy areas; this will prevent the wind from blowing the gazebo away.

How to Anchor a Gazebo

Do I need to anchor my gazebo

Polypropylene Straps

Polypropylene straps are an excellent option for anchoring your pop-up gazebo in windy areas. The heavy load capacity of the strap makes it a better choice for holding down your gazebo. You can secure your gazebo with the polypropylene strap by using it on the canopy corner rope for added strength. 

Tying the Gazebo

If your gazebo is close to other gazebos or close to other structures, you can secure it by tying. Get a bungee cord and tie your gazebo post to the post of another gazebo close to it. If your gazebo is close to other structures, use the cord to tie the gazebo to the structure. Applying this method to anchor your canopy will keep it from blowing away.

Bolts and Straps

If your gazebo comes with holes in its footplate, you can use bolts and straps to anchor the gazebo. Bolt and straps are suitable if you place the gazebo on a concrete floor or a hard surface.

Cast Iron Weights

Cast Iron weight is good for gazebos on a hard surface; you can use it to add weight to the leg of a gazebo. The cast-iron has a weight of 12 kilograms that provides extra stability. You can use it to anchor your gazebo by placing the U groove perfectly over the post base. 

Fill Planters With Concrete

You can fill planters with concrete to hold down your gazebo. This method is simple, get four big planters and fill them with a mixture of sand, cement and water. With the assistance of a partner or two, place the gazebo post in each of the planters and allow the concrete to dry.

Tent Weight Bags

Gazebo owners can use tent weight bags or sandbags to anchor their gazebo. Get four weight bags, and fill them with sand, place the bag at the leg of the gazebo. This method will prevent your gazebo from blowing away.

Ratchet Straps and  Heavy Duty Pegs 

You can use the ratchet strap and heavy-duty peg to provide extra support to the gazebo. Nail the pegs to the ground and use the ratchet strap to anchor the canopy to the pegs.

Threaded Rods

You can also use a threaded rod on each leg of your gazebo to anchor it to the ground. Screw the rod from the gazebo leg to the ground, ensure the rod length is long for a stronger grip.


Gazebo owners need to anchor their gazebo to prevent it from blowing away. They can do this by filling planters with concrete, pegs and straps, sandbags and threaded screws.

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