Can You Buy Sides For a Pop-Up Gazebo?


An enclosed gazebo can protect you against wind and other elements; it can also prevent insects from getting inside the gazebo. The pop-up gazebo has open sides; If you would like to buy sides for a pop-up gazebo, this article is for you.

The Pop-up Gazebo

The pop-up gazebo is a collapsible structure with open sides; gazebo makers build the pop-up gazebo framework with metals or plastic. Powder-coated aluminium or galvanised steel is the kind of metal builders use in building the gazebo framework. Its framework consists of thick support struts and four posts or more with canvas or a PVC coated polyester roof cover. The gazebo frame has a push button to adjust the gazebo height to your desired height. 

The pop-up gazebo is a kind of gazebo you can erect quickly, it is portable, and you can also transport easily. Pop-up gazebos are also known as marquees, instant canopy, easy-up canopy, canopy gazebo, and more. The instant canopy comes in various sizes, styles and colour; you can always choose a type that will suit your needs. You can identify a pop-up gazebo quickly from its features, the typical pop-up gazebo has open sides, but if you want more coverage, you can attach a side cover to the gazebo.

If you have a pop-up gazebo, you can use it for anything you imagine. The pop-up gazebo can serve as a cover for an outdoor hot tub. You can also use the gazebo as an instant shelter to shade you from the sun and rain. It can serve as an outdoor room in summer when the temperature is high. You can also use it as a shade to cover your wares, car or as a temporary office for your small business.

Pop-up Gazebo With Sides

Can you buy sides for a pop-up gazebo

The pop-up gazebo sides come in different specifications, and you can buy the gazebo sides individually or as a whole set. A gazebo with sides can protect you against the elements; the side covers are waterproofed and can prevent rainwater from splashing inside the gazebo when the wind is blowing. The side cover can also keep the gazebo interior warm when the weather is cold, thus preventing you from catching a cold. 

You can connect the side cover using full-length velcro and velcro ties to wrap around the gazebo frame legs. Most sides are switchable in that you can place them anywhere on the pop-up gazebo. The side cover can be attached and removed as needed if you choose to remove the side cover if the weather is good and attach it when needed. 

Aside from protecting against the element, you can use the side cover to keep insects at bay; the side cover can also prevent flies from entering inside the gazebo when you are eating. Or, if you are the type that wants some kind of privacy, you can install a side cover to the pop-up gazebo for added protection. 

Types of Sides For Pop-up Gazebo

The pop-up gazebo has various side covers, and they come in different shapes and sizes that will suit your needs.

Plain Sides

The plain panel is a type of pop-up gazebo side cover made from a plain piece of material.

Windowed Sides

The windowed side cover has an interior blind that you can roll down to cover the see-through area. 

Zipper Doorway Sides

The zipper doorway panel comes in two types; it can have a single and double zip. A zipper doorway side with a single zip is pulled back and held in place with ties. At the same time, that with a double zip is rolled up and held in place with ties. Gazebo owners can use a zipper doorway as a front, side, or back cover. 

Panoramic Sides

A panoramic side cover is transparent; gazebo makers create it with a clear PVC  material. It is similar to the windowed side, except that the window side is either half or two-thirds of the side area.

Mesh Sides

 A mesh side is a kind of side cover with nettings. It is similar to the panoramic side cover except that gazebo makers use mesh or netting instead of PVC.


Pop-up Gazebo owners can buy sides for a pop-up gazebo; you can buy the sides individually or as a complete set. Gazebo owners can choose to buy a plain side, panoramic sides, mesh sides or a zipper doorway side.

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