Can One Person Put Up a Pop-up Gazebo?

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A pop-up gazebo is the easiest gazebo you can put up easily. Gazebo makers design it in such a way that you can put it up in minutes. The pop-up gazebo has different sizes making it easy to choose your prefered size. The size of the pop-up gazebo you have or intend to buy will depend on how many people it will require to put it up.

Pop-up Gazebo Sizes

The pop-up gazebo, also known as an instant canopy, easy-up canopy or marquees, come in bigger and smaller sizes. It is a foldable canopy, and it comes in 3m × 3m, 3m × 4.5m, 3m × 6m, 4m × 4m, 4m × 5m, 4m × 6m and above. One person can put up a gazebo if the size is small, but you might need a partner to put up a bigger pop-up gazebo.

Erecting the Pop-up Gazebo with One Person

Although it will take some minutes to erect a pop-up gazebo with one person, it is still an easy process. This tip is only applicable to smaller gazebos of 3m x 3m and 3m x 4.5m pop-up gazebo.

Step 1

Remove the frame from the bag and position the gazebo in the centre of where you want to stand it.  After you’ve placed the gazebo on the centre, move around the gazebo frame and lift each of the roof strut attached to the leg as you are moving. While lifting the roof strut up, pull the frame outward at the same time.

Step 2

When the gazebo is partially erect, go below the canopy and grab the central roof strut and lift the canopy from the ground. As you lift it from the ground, the legs will extend outwards. 

Step 3

  Lift the roof struts from the legs as you walk around the gazebo. You should lift it high until the retractable pins are closed enough to be pushed into the retaining hole at the top of each leg. 

 For a  pop-up gazebo like the 3m x 6m frame, it will be difficult for a person to lift the whole structure while setting it up. The possible way a person can secure the frame is to move around the canopy and lift each of the roof struts. You have to lift it up until you can lock the retractable pin into the retaining hole. Once you’ve locked the frame, extend the legs to the desired height.

Erecting the Pop-up Gazebo with Two or More People.

Can one person put up a pop-up gazebo

This method is for the canopy size of 4x4m, 4x6m, 4x8m and above.

Step 1

Remove the canopy from the bag and unfold it, then place it in the open space centre. Grab the canopy frame’s legs and extend it backwards; you will need a partner to help you with this. Then open the around ¾ of the frame outward without pushing it.

Step 2

You should raise the roof by throwing it over the partially extended frame, then align the four corners of the canopy roof with the frame leg’s top corners. After you have done that, spread out the canopy frame completely by moving backwards.

Step 3

Adjust your canopy gazebo’s height by locking the connectors and move it upward while the pin settles in position. Then lift the legs of the canopy frame to the desired height.

Securing the Canopy

After putting up the pop-up gazebo, you have to secure it to keep it in position. Here are some ways you can secure your canopy to keep it from blowing away.

  • If the gazebo is standing on a lawn or field, you can anchor it to the ground with guy rope and pegs.
  • You can also secure the canopy by using a tent weight bag. Fill the tent weight bag with sands and place it on the canopy post. 
  • If you place your canopy on a concrete surface, you can use cast iron weights to secure it. The cast-iron weight comes with a U groove that fits over the leg base plate. 
  • If you want to give your pop-up gazebo extra support in addition to using the guy ropes and pegs provided, use the ratchet straps and heavy-duty pegs.

Taking Apart the Canopy 

After each use, follow the guidelines to put up your marquees in reverse form to disassemble your gazebo. While taking down the pop-up canopy, ensure you follow the guidelines below to avoid damages.

  • Make sure you unfastened the strap before you disassembled the canopy. It will prevent the struts from bending and prevent the canopy from being torn where the strap is attached to the fittings.
  • You should also ensure that you remove all the pull pins from the leg hole before taking down the canopy. 
  • Ensure the canopy is free from water or moisture before folding it back into the carrier bag. If it’s wet, spread it out in the sun to dry before placing it in the bag to prevent damage.


A person can put up a pop-up gazebo of small size. But for a larger gazebo of size 4m×4m and above, you will need a partner to assist you.

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