Can I Leave a Gazebo Up in Summer?

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You can leave a gazebo up in summer, depending on the type of gazebo you have. During the summer, many people choose to stay in their gazebo because of the hot weather. Builders design some type of gazebo to withstand unfavourable conditions; you can use that type of gazebo all year round. While others are built with light materials and are not suitable for use throughout the year. If you like to know whether you can leave the gazebo up in summer, read below to see what type of gazebo you have.

Types of Gazebo

Can I leave a gazebo up in winter

Wooden Gazebo

The wooden gazebo is a type of gazebo made from wood; it is the most common gazebo type. A wooden gazebo usually has a hard roof that can withstand high or low temperature. Gazebo owners used wood like cedar, redwood, and pressure-treated pine in making a wooden gazebo. 

A wooden gazebo is a perfect centrepiece for your backyard; it looks natural and blends well with the environment. If you are looking for an outdoor detail to add to your home, a wooden gazebo is a must-have. Gazebos made from wood are long-lasting; you can use them in summer. You can waterproof a wooden gazebo by coating it with stains or sealers, and you can also use a combination of stain and sealer for long-lasting protection.

 Wooden gazebos are permanent structures; the wood used in building gazebos can withstand any climatic conditions; hence they are used all year round. Since wooden gazebos are a permanent structure, you can leave it up in summer. 

Metal Gazebo 

Metal gazebo is the type of gazebo made from metal like aluminium or steel. Like the wooden gazebo, the metal gazebo is a permanent structure you can use in warm seasons. The gazebo’s open sides allow cool breeze to blow in, making the gazebo a cool spot to relax on a sunny day.

Builders make metal gazebos with hard rooftops that can withstand different climate conditions. Gazebos made with steel are expensive and very heavy compared to other kinds of gazebo. Their size and durability make it difficult for a steel gazebo to get damaged easily.

 Gazebos made with aluminium are lightweight compared to steel gazebos. It is inexpensive when compared to other types of gazebos. You can use an aluminium gazebo with a hard rooftop all year round hence suitable in summer.

Pop-Up Gazebo

A pop-up gazebo is a type of outdoor structure with a roof supported with four posts. Gazebo makers create the roof of a pop-up gazebo with a soft material. The pop-up gazebo has no sides, It is light in weight, and you can easily install it yourself.

You can easily transport and set-up a pop-up gazebo anywhere. The roof of the pop-up gazebo can not withstand tough weather conditions like snow and wind. You can only use a pop-up tent in hot and sunny weather as a shade from the sun.

Vinyl Gazebo

Gazebo makers create vinyl gazebo with pressure-treated southern yellow pine coated with vinyl. It has a hard roof that can withstand cold and warm weather. The vinyl gazebo is long-lasting and requires less maintenance. If you are looking for a type of gazebo you can use all year round, vinyl is a good option. Since vinyl gazebos are permanent structures, you can leave them up in summer.

Canopy Tent

Canopy tents are a pop-up gazebo but with covered sides. The canopy tent can shade you from the sun and rain. Like the pop-up gazebo, it is lightweight and portable. Canopy tents can be used by campers for camping, while you can use the larger size for outdoor events.

 A tent canopy is a temporary canopy; hence it is not eligible for use all year round. Because it has a light roof, it’s not suitable for use in winter. You can use a canopy tent in summer, but since a canopy tent is for temporary use, you should disassemble it after each use and keep it in a dry place.


You can leave a gazebo up in summer if it is made with materials that can tolerate any climate conditions. You can use gazebos made with strong materials like wood, metal, and vinyl all year round. While pop-up gazebos and canopy tents made with a light material are for temporary use only. You can use it in summer, but you should disassemble it and keep it safe after each use.

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