Can a Pergola Have a Roof?

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 A typical pergola has a roof frame with several lattices to keep out the sun. Unlike a gazebo, builders did not design the pergola top to protect you from bad weather conditions. The amazing thing about the pergola is that you can customise it to a style that suits your needs. You can also add extra details to a pergola; pergola owners who want an extra shade from the element might have wondered if a pergola can have a roof. 

What is a Pergola?

A pergola is an outside structure that has a slatted roof and vertical pillars to support it. The gaps between the roof allow sunlight to pass into the pergola, thus shading you partially from the sun. Pergola makers modelled the roof to allow you to enjoy a cool breeze while relaxing in the pergola. 

The pergola can be freestanding or a wall-mounted structure. A freestanding pergola creates a shaded pathway to the garden or sitting area. It can also serve as the link between a pavilion and an open garden. While a wall-mounted pergola is attached to a house, you can anchor it to the house with two beams instead of four. They form an outdoor living space that can serve as the extension of a home indoor room. Pergola makers used materials like wood, metals, and vinyl to make pergola.

Can a Pergola Have a Roof?

The initial use of the Pergola is to support growing vines; the vines later form a canopy over the pergola, serving as a shade to the pergola. Today, pergolas are usually left open to add definition to an area; you can also add cover or tops for extra coverage.

A pergola is an incredible way to add shade to your patio, but the lattice roof doesn’t provide enough coverage from the sun. The pergola roof is not strong enough to protect you from sun, rain, snow, wind and more. But you can always design a pergola to suit anything you imagine. You can add a roof to your pergola if you want an extra shade from the sun and rain.

Types of Pergola Roof 

Can a pergola have a roof

A roof can add style, function and interest to your pergola; a roof can also protect against the elements. There are several types of roofing materials you can use to cover your pergola. You can use a roof made from metal, plastic, fibreglass and fabric. 

Louvred Roof

Pergola owners who want a roof on their pergola can install a louvred roof. This kind of roof is made of metal and can protect you against the sun and rain. You can operate this roof by tilting the louvre from fully open to fully closed.

Fixed Pergola Roof

A fixed roof is a type of roof that you cannot remove after installing it. The fixed roof is a permanent roof cover; builders make this kind of roof with metal or a fixed canopy top with polycarbonate panels. If you want protection against the rain, snow, wind and sun, this type of roof is an excellent choice for you.

Fabric Roof

A fabric roof can protect against ultraviolet rays that can prevent the furniture in your pergola from fading. There are various types of fabric colours you can choose from to make a roof for your pergola. Some fabric is not waterproofed and may be unable to protect you from a heavy downpour.

Retractable Canopy

A retractable canopy is a type of roof cover that you can use when you want a shade or not. Pergola owners can operate the roof with the touch of a button.  You can open it if you want to enjoy the weather and close it if you want full sun coverage. This kind of roof can protect you against the sun and rain.

Plastic Pergola Roof

It is a clear or transparent roof that protects against ultraviolet sun rays, rain and wind. This type of roof allows light to shine while protecting against ultraviolet rays. You can enjoy watching the raindrop on the roof and the beautiful stars at night while sitting in your pergola.

 Plastic is a durable material, and they come in lightweight panels of various sizes that can easily be cut to size if required. If you want an inexpensive roof that would last long, a plastic roof is the best option.


A pergola can have a roof if you want added protection against the sun, rain and other elements. You can choose a fabric, metal, plastic or retractable roof for your pergola.

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