Can a Gazebo Be Left All Year?


Can a gazebo be left all year? Homeowners who are planning to install an outdoor structure in their home usually ask this question. Gazebos are structures for outdoor use only; if you want to leave the gazebo outside all year long, you have to know everything about the gazebo.

The Gazebo

The gazebo is an outdoor structure that enhances the environment; if you want to make your home elegant, consider having a gazebo in your backyard. You can also install a gazebo in your garden, in a park or any open space. The gazebo is a circular, square or rectangular structure; it is also hexagonal or octagonal. It has an open or partially open side with a roof and an in-built floor. Although some gazebo may not come with an in-built floor, you can place them on a deck, paver or a concrete surface. 

You can choose a material like steel, cast iron, aluminium, timber, bricks and vinyl in building a gazebo. The gazebo has a different size range, from a smaller size of 8ft x 8ft to a larger 14ft x 14ft and more. You can also customise a gazebo to fit into your open space. The gazebo is a perfect outdoor structure you can install if you want to increase your property worth. 

A gazebo in your home can serve as an extension of your living room; you can customise the gazebo to look like your indoor living room by adding a fan, light bulb, furniture and curtains to your gazebo. The gazebo can also serve as a playhouse for your kids if you don’t want them to play inside the house. You can create an outdoor eating area if you have a gazebo in your home; enjoy your meal outdoors in summer with your family and friends.

Gazebo Types 

Can a gazebo be left all year

The Hardtop Gazebo

Just as the name implies, gazebo makers create the hardtop gazebo with solid materials like wood, shingles, metal, slate, polycarbonate and glass. A hardtop gazebo can last for several years because the solid material possesses the capacity to withstand various climate conditions. The hardtop gazebo can withstand the heavy snowfall and frost in winter; it is also an ideal shade to relax in summer without feeling the heat. Because the hardtop gazebo is robust and strong, they are permanent structures that can last for decades.

 Like a building, once built, you cannot pull the hardtop gazebo down easily. You can have a builder build a hardtop gazebo from scratch, and if you don’t want to have it built from scratch, you can buy the gazebo in kit form and have it installed in your home. If you are a homeowner, the hardtop gazebo is an excellent choice for looking for a type of gazebo you can use for a very long time.

The Soft Top Gazebo

A soft top gazebo is a kind of outdoor structure with a soft roof material. Gazebo builders create a soft top gazebo with an aluminium or galvanised steel framework. The framework of the soft top is lightweight compared to the hardtop gazebo. A soft top gazebo has a roof made from quality material like canvas or pvc coated polyester; the roof is waterproofed and can shelter you from the sun and rain. 

You can use a soft-top gazebo for your outdoor activities; unlike the hardtop gazebo, the soft-top gazebo is portable and you can transport anywhere. If you have a soft top gazebo, you can put it up anywhere; you can put it up in your home, on the beach, trail or an open field.

 If you plan to have an outdoor event, you can put up the canopy in your garden. The soft top gazebo can contain a large number of people depending on the size. They are good for use in parties and exhibition trade shows; you can also use them as a shade for your small business. Homeowners who want a temporary structure in their home can buy a soft top gazebo; the soft top gazebo is suitable for seasonal use only. The material used in making the canopy does not possess the ability to withstand severe weather conditions like heavy snowfall, frost and wind. 

Can a Gazebo Be Left All Year?

You can leave a hardtop gazebo all year long because the hardtop gazebo materials can withstand any weather conditions. The hardtop gazebo is for permanent use and can lasts for several decades if you maintain it properly. You cannot leave a soft-top gazebo outside all year long; they are for occasional use only. When not in use, you should put down the gazebo and place it in a bag. You can store the soft top gazebo in a dry place to prevent moisture from damaging the material.


Gazebo owners can leave their gazebo all year long if it’s a hardtop gazebo. While you cannot leave a soft top gazebo all year long because they are for seasonal use.

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