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Gazebofair is your one-stop website for all gazebo products. If you are contemplating an outdoor belvedere in your garden, check out our large collections of products. We have the best pavilion in the industry with the latest design available. Our pergola or canopy can be used for large or small garden parties, family gatherings, and get together. You can pick from an extensive selection of our pop up gazebos products.

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Pop Up Gazebos

If you want a collapsible shed or shelter in your garden, you should consider a pop-up gazebo. This kind of outdoor shade gives you the flexibility to use your garden space wisely.  Homeowners also referred to this kind of shade as a frame tent or small marquee.

Again, this kind of belvedere comes in all ranges of sizes, shapes, colours, designs for various purposes. They are one of the best garden shades for all types or kinds of weather and let you enjoy your summer retreat with your families.

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Garden Parties

The summer days is one of the right time you and your family can have a garden party. With the right gazebo installed in your garden, you will make the most of your relaxation. Our products are ideal for any outdoor events that you want to carry out. Whether it is a garden party, a family get together or a sit-in, the garden will provide the best design.

So, when the weather or your outdoor space is at its best, there is nothing better or right than for you to get out into your garden to have the fun time of your life.

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gazebo design

Our collections of gazebo products come in several size and design that makes them unique. Our large adjustable size varieties make it possible for you to place your gazebo anywhere you like in your garden. If you build a concrete slab in your garden, you can place or put your garden shade on it. And if you don’t have concrete slabs in your garden, you can still build the shade on your lawn.

Also, you can select between a hardtop or soft-top garden shade. A common size for our garden shade products is 2 to 3, 3 to 4 metres, and above for stroke width.

How to Install a Gazebo

In a Nutshell

The way you install or build a pop-up gazebo is quite simple. The primary thing you should do is clear the area you will build the belvedere and ensure you remove obstacles. Note that how you install your awning depends on whether it is a permanent or a temporary structure.

Clear the Area

You have to identify the area of your garden that you will build the gazebo. Once identified, clear all obstacles and debris. After that, you can dig holes on the grass to place the posts that will support the awning. Then you should cover the awning holes with cement and wait till they are dry. Note that you have to measure the size of your garden first. If you are installing a 3m * 3m or a 3m * 6m awning, you should make sure that they will size your garden.

Fix the Top of the Pop Up Gazebo

After cementing the post or side panels, you have to fix the top of the awning. How you fix it depends on whether you are using hardtop or soft top gazebo. There are some soft top awning that does not require cement, but you can anchor the frame to the ground. Whether it is a solid top or soft top belvedere, you should attach the top after securing the side panels.

There are several kinds of gazebo that you can find in the market. If you want to purchase a good outdoor garden shade for your lawn, you should consider several options. To know the best garden shade to buy, you have to look at the purpose of building the shade.

Aside from that, you must consider the frequency or how often you will use the shade. Also, you must think of the size and your budget. The best outdoor garden shade to buy can be free-standing or joined to your sidewalls. To understand how to pick your gazebo better, let’s consider what you should consider before going to the best.


Before you purchase an outdoor garden shade for your garden, you have to think of the purpose of installing the shade. Do you desire to use your outdoor garden shade for relaxation purposes only? Or, do you have lots of friends and want to use your garden shade for small or large outdoor garden parties.

The purpose of building your pop up gazebos determine if you will install a large one or a small one. Also, if you want a makeshift outdoor garden shade, you can consider a pop-up garden gazebo. This will make it offhand for you to fix and remove the outdoor shade any time you want.

This kind of outdoor shade is good for sale fairs and outdoor exhibitions. If your garden is extensive, you can create a large belvedere, but if it is small, you can build a small one.


Frequency means how often you will be using or staying under your gazebos. If you are a season garden lover, you can build a temporary garden gazebo in your garden. In this case, you need to consider the tent or frame outdoor shade. But if you stay or spend time in your garden a lot, you can install a permanent shade. If you don’t use your shade much, you can build a shade that can easily collapse and pop up.


The size of your lot affects the kind of gazebo that you will buy. Is your garden a large one that can accommodate a big belvedere? Or is it a small one that requires a little garden shade? Do you have to fit in many people in your gazebo if you are to use it for a trade show? Or, do you just need a small one to build in your garden to provide UV protection. You can build outdoor garden shades with side panels, or you can choose those that have no side panels.

The Best Gazebos to Buy

The best awning to buy will protect you from the sun and rain. You can select a waterproof gazebo that is produced from hard-wearing polyester. This kind of outdoor garden shade is stylish and the best for outdoor camping. Aside from that, you can select a pop-up gazebo, which is just perfect for all types of outdoor garden occasions. Do you want an all year round shade in your garden? You can select a wooded belvedere for the project. This kind of awning has a large stroke width.

Waterproof Pop Up Gazebo 3m * 3m Stroke Width with Side Panels

This kind of garden pavilion looks good and protects you from mother nature elements, including the UV rays of the sun. You can select from different surface pigments and sizes. Included in this awning package are sidewalls with windows and a zip entryway. You can effortlessly transport and assemble this waterproof awning anytime you like.

Pop Up Waterproof Gazebo

This kind of outdoor garden pavilion is perfect for having a meal with your family in your garden. You can also hold your small garden party under this outdoor awning. The materials used to make it are strong 420D waterproof Oxford fabric and steel frames. With this kind of waterproof awning, you are assured that you will be protected from the sun and rain.

Building an awning in your garden has many benefits that you will not derive if you don’t. The benefits of building an outdoor garden pavilion range from providing shelter, to privacy and value.


Your garden is a centre of activity during summer and other times of the year. If you are an outdoor lover, a garden provides you with the chance to enjoy the outdoor space. If you build or install a good gazebo or awning in your garden, you will get the right kind of shelter. It will shield your head and your skin from the UV of the sun and rain.

This implies that building a good garden pavilion in your garden means that you can enjoy your outdoor space no matter the kind of weather. Another benefit of an awning is that they protect your furniture. This makes it feasible for you to create a replica of your home interior in your garden and at the same time, protect your furniture. So, your cushions or table will not get damaged by the sun or other elements of mother nature.

Add Value

A good garden pavilion or belvedere will add value to a garden that you build it in. It can be a useful asset to your home when you install it in your back garden. It will raise the value or price and increase your home’s worth better than a home that does not have one. Most homebuyers think that an outdoor activity space is one of the most attractive qualities of a home.

That is why a gazebo will add its cost to the property value of your house. When you add an awning to your outdoor garden, you increase the chance that your house will sell in the future. Aside from increasing the price of your home, an awning increases the aesthetic value. This implies that when you build an awning in your home, it will add beauty to your garden.


Another benefit of a pop-up gazebo is the privacy that it gives to your garden. You can easily have a closed garden party in your awning right in your garden. This implies that you can effortlessly create a secluded area with a belvedere. The privacy and awning can keep insects and the prying eyes of unwanted guests. Besides that, you can surround your awning with trees, flowers or even cover it with climbing vines.

garden gazebo


Your garden is one place that you can relax with your family or buddies. With a good garden gazebo, you can create a beautiful outdoor space that reflects your home’s interior. A shade in your garden is essential during summer when the outdoor sun is hot. With a good high-quality shade, you will enjoy the outdoor view from your garden.

Aside from that, a good shade provides a better space for you to have garden or lawn parties with your friends. This is one of the best garden decors you can add to any garden to make it attractive. Also, you can place your home furniture under your gazebo without sitting directly under the scorching sun.

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